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Experimental Heart

Experimental Heart is a Romantic Science Fantasy series set in the world of Lumaraeon. Once nearly destroyed by war it is now trying desperately to hold onto old customs and beliefs in gods while on the brink of another war that could once again tear the land asunder. This series follows a human war experiment fugitive named Eira who, after facing death, is saved by an unlikely rescuer, a dragon shapeshifter. The two team up, along with her fellow comrades, to fight against the tyrannical ruler that created her and the major threat in the impending war. The series not only focuses around Eira’s attempt at true freedom, but her trials as an individual attempting to find her place in a world she doesn’t believe she belongs in.

Oracle's Path

Oracle's Path is a Romantic Epic Fantasy series set in the ancient world of Aecis, where dragons fly the skies, gods hold power, and light and dark are ever at odds. This series follows young half-elf Oracle Aviana, tasked by the dragon god, Akorith, to save her clan after being torn apart by conflict an era before her time. But as she does, darker forces threatening the world rise up, and her task changes. Save her clan—and the world—or watch it plunge into darkness.

Looking For Group

Looking for Group is a geeky friends-to-lovers romance series set in year 2107, where self driving cars are the norm, cybernetics are the hottest medical technology on the market, and virtual reality's popularity is at an all time high. This series follows several couples as they overcome person struggles while finding their happily ever after.


Valkyries Rising

Valkyries Rising is a multi-author #whychoose series within the Legacy World, an AU version of earth, filled with magic, gods, dragons, shifters, immortals, and the feisty women they love.


Powerful dragons, cunning fae, and dark magic—these sets will whisk you away on epic journeys, magical adventures, and limitless page-turning excitement.

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