Dragon-Phoenix Chronicles

The story continues for Eira and her complicated past and future.

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Binding Their Elemenalist


In the game of love, bind what is yours.​

Rules. They exist for a reason. Geek and former model Shira has seen what happens when she strays from them. She has three she never breaks:


1. Don’t hook up with guildmates.

2. Don’t date in person.


And most of all…

3. Don’t believe someone can look past the cyborg freak you’ve become.


Only, she’s broken one of her simple rules not with just one person, but two—her virtual reality PvP partners… who also happen to be a couple. Worse yet, they convinced her to meet them and their wonderful daughter at the biggest VR gaming convention in the US, forcing her to face her fears.


Rules. Who needs them? Not Jasper or Zach. They only complicate life. So when the two decide they want to add their close friend and casual VR PvP partner, Shira, to their life as their player three, they run into a problem: her rules.


She claims they protect her. They’ve seen her come out of her shell since breaking Rule One. Now they’re determined to do whatever it takes to break the last two rules.


The more she spends time with them, the more at risk she is for breaking rules two and three. And Shira isn’t sure she can protect herself from the inevitable fallout once she does.


They’ve summoned her, and now, they’ll bind her.


Enter the World of Lumaraeon

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