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Dragon-Phoenix Chronicles

The story continues for Eira and her complicated past and future.

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Limited Edition Hardback

Valkyrie Lost

Originally funded through the October 2022 Kickstarter, the Valkyrie Lost Limited Edition Hardback is now available to pre-order for a limited time.

Edition includes:

Custom Gilded Jacket

Laminate foil hard case with special case illustration

𝗖𝗢𝗟𝗢𝗥 art inserts: 2 character, 1 scene, 2 pinup + any further unlocked art goals

𝗖𝗢𝗟𝗢𝗥 custom formatting like no other book of mine has been given.

Bonus chapters! (3 in total)

Gilded/Painted edges (final color to be determined)
Custom designed end sheets

Also available for Pre-order: standard and special edition paperbacks and hardbacks, enamel pins, prints, stickers


Valkyrie Renewed


The world needs saving, and my magic can help. Too bad I have no memory of this power.

I have everything I could want: a loving father, my just best friend Diego, and our family mountain retreat where lost souls come to find themselves. And yet, I find myself feeling like there’s something missing.

When a scarred, weary warrior with a missing hand, looks that could kill and melt my insides, and an air of familiarity rolls up, I begin to wonder if it’s not him who is lost, but me.

Fighting the way Diego’s smiles sends my heart skittering, and ignoring Tyr’s crazy talk of gods and a past history with him thousands of years ago, becomes the least problematic parts of my life when nightmares of menacing black wolves return to haunt my dreams, and magic begins to fly from my fingertips.

When the truth becomes too much for me to ignore, am I up to the task of healing a broken world, or will the wolves again go for the throat?


Enter the World of Lumaraeon

Featured Series

Experimental Heart

If a dragon saved your life and offered you revenge, would you take it? Eira did. The results? Not what she expected.


When Gods Command...

You listen. It's not easy being an Oracle.

Oracle and outcast, Aviana has a duty she doesn't believe she's qualified for. When her clan's fate becomes shrouded in darkness, she has no choice but to heed the calls of the gods.


In the Game of Love...

Do whatever it takes to win.

In a time where self driving cars are the norm, cybernetics are the hottest medical technology on the market, and virtual reality's popularity is at an all time high, the game of love isn't one you want to lose.


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