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  • Why aren't your books available in Kindle Unlimited?
    I used to have all my books in Kindle Unlimited. The program did me wonders as it did for many readers. However, in order to be part of the Kindle Unlimited program, I have to agree to an ebook exclusivity agreement with Amazon, and there came a point where the program no longer worked for me. I wanted to make my books available beyond Amazon and as a result I chose not to renewed my agreement when the terms came up. For those who utilize the Kindle Unlimited program, you aren't out of luck. This change means libraries can now offer the ebook editions of my books instead of just my print copies. So you can reach out to your library to get it, if they haven't already. Alternatively, Kobo+ has a subscription service similar to Kindle Unlimited where you can also get most of my books (shorter works are currently excluded). Their payments are more generous to authors and they also pay authors for re-reads of a book. I also release books into the Kindle Unlimited program for a short window of time when a book releases. So check out my blog, Facebook page, or newsletter for more information. Also consider following me on Amazon and BookBub to ensure you never miss a new release announcement.
  • When is [insert book here] coming out?
    Check the series page you're looking for an update on to see what next books are announced and if they have any confirmed release dates. You can also download the printable book list to see if I've added a few hints of what's planned to come. For further information on the progress of those titles or ones that may not be listed just yet, check out my blog, Facebook page, or newsletter.
  • Can I buy a signed book? Can I send you a book to sign?
    Yes! (to the first question, that is) Head on over to the shop and you can see what books I've got on me at this time. Not from the states and don't want to pay the shipping fees of a book? No problem. I also offer signed name plates. Contact me to inquire further. No, at this time I'm not accepting mail to sign pre-purchased books. This could change in the future however.
  • Do you do book signings?
    At the moment I do not, but I would like to in the future. 2020 was suppsed to be the year I started, but, as my luck would have it, those plans were delayed.
  • Will there be more Experimental Heart books?
    The Experimental Heart series is complete, however Eira's story isn't finished. There will be a follow-up series, as well as many more series in that world.
  • Why don't you release more books in a year?
    Because I can't. I'm not a fast writer. I've tried many ways to increase my writing speed, but have failed. I also have other life commitments that can get in my way of writing. Some of these things can take a greater toll on me than others, and that leaves me with less energy to write. I'd love to be some of these authors who can put out one book out every month. Hell, I'd love to be able to get 4 out every year. But sometimes we can't be those people. And because I'm not them, I try to make up for it by making sure my stories are worth the wait to the best of my ability.
  • Where is Binding Their Elementalist?
    It's here! After so many delays, Binding Their Elementalist finally released May 24, 2022. You can snag it here.
  • Do you plot out your books before you write them?
    Yes I do. However, I rarely ever follow that plot exactly. May come off as counterintutive to some, but for me, it makes a ton of sense. I need direction when working on a story. I've tried many times to just freewrite, but I flounder pretty quckly. On the flip side, my brain thinks something is a good idea when only looking at the surface information. However, as I work on the books, I find those original ideas either didn't work, or my brain determines it's got something even better to use than the original idea point. So, I give myself a map, even if I take detours or change the destination completely. At least I've got something to start me off.
  • What's going on with Oracle's Path?
    Great question. I wrote a whole blog post on what has caused the delay. But to sum it up, I wasn't happy with the POV I chose, as it wasn't my natural writing style, and I couldn't keep pushing on, so I'm redoing the series. I'll be posting on social media, newsletter, and my blog with updates as things continue.
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