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Revamp, Cover Reveal

Revamp post! This one is a quickie.

New cover!

Well, sort of. The text is new, but the cover art has stayed the same. Many people told me, as much as they agreed the book needed work, they like the cover art and wanted it to remain. After some thought, I agreed, not just because it'd save me money (covers get pricey), but also because the changes made on the inside still work for this cover art. So instead, I've fixed up the typograph, which was no easy feat I will admit. I struggled for weeks to decide on a final cover, and the biggest hang up on it? Color. Yep, the color of the typography really made me struggle because I had two colors that worked really well, but I knew only one could work the best. I even asked a bunch of friends and tallied up the votes but ended up with a draw! I couldn't believe it.

But that's in the past and I can look to the future as this book grow closer to completion.

You'll also notice something you may not have expected. New title. Yep, the first book is being given the new name of, Destiny. What about the names of the other books then? Well, some of those are also getting changed, but not all. But, I won't reveal those until later. I'm mean like that.

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