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NaNoWriMo, Day 14

Today is Day 14 of NaNoWriMo! My total for day 13 of NaNoWriMo was 796 words. A little bit better than the last 2 days, but not ideal for some of you. Not you worry though. I will be dedicating tomorrow and Sunday to writing so we may be seeing a huge spike in words.

The reason for today's low count was Destiny. I got the physical copy files off to the printer. Gaming. I needed that personal time. Daydreaming. Sometiems, my mind just wants to wander without me writing it down.

In today's installment you'll notice there's a little blocked out area with a sorry. I was struggling to come up with ways to describe something (as it's still not fully formulated in my head) so I had to make a note to come back to it. You guys may get to see what I write there at a later time, I'm not sure. It might be added in during the revision processes. We'll see how that goes. But for now, enjoy!

All passages were in order from yesterday's post, so here's what I wrote:

The celebrating ceased immediately when a new message hit the inboxes of all the Maiden Sacrifice members. We opened the message and then all eyes fell on me. The message was an official sponsorship acceptance from Fallon Industries. I went to send a message to my father, question in him, when a new message arrived.

Yes, I’m sure about this.


I typed out a response.

Are you really sure? I don’t want this to look bad on the company, Dad.


A few moments passed after I sent the message before I received a response.

Their acceptance of you on this team has shown me their character. By allowing you to prove your worth, they have proved theirs to me. I could care less what the press will think. I’ll eat them if I have to.

I laughed.

“What is so funny?” Erin asked. “What is going on that has you all surprised and looking at Rinneth?”

I ignored his questions and ready another message my father sent me.

I am very proud of you, Rinneth. Please don’t think that I’m not. I fear for your safety more often in a day than I’m willing to count, but your happiness is the most important thing to me.

We’ll be having dinner tonight at La Montagne, just the two of us. I’ll let you and Ramos know the exact time so he can drive you there. Have fun with your new friends.

He then logged off the game.

“Well?” Rial asked. “What’s going on?”

“It’s legit,” I said. “We officially have a sponsor.”

“But I would have figured he wouldn’t because you’re on the team,” Erin said.

I shrugged. “He decided that didn’t matter.”

“I wonder how the press will take that,” Vamir mused.

I snickered. “If they get too bad my father said he’d eat them.”

Everyone but the dragons and Thuldren looked mortified by the idea. Ramos and Vesser, they couldn’t control their laughter, and Thuldren was too busy dancing around.

Our attention was refocused when Saran approached along with several other devs.

“Congratulations, Rinneth,” Saran said with a smile. “You performed excellently, just as we thought you would. Thanks to your performance, the players love the new game type so we will be going forward with polishing and implementation.” All the devs held up their hands. “And now for your rewards. Rinneth, you get to keep your legendary title, gear, and unique ability. You will also get the next tier of gear to be released next season for both PvP and PvE for your registered main class.”

“Wait, why both?” I asked.

He ignored my question and addressed everyone else. “All of you will also be given your gear rewards as well. Be aware, because these won’t be released until next season, they cannot be used in official sponsored tournaments, so do not rely on them until that season starts.”

“Makes sense,” Rial said.

Our menus pinged with a new inventory item and we all took a look at the shiny new gear.

"Wait, why did I get something?" Erin asked.

"Same with me," Ramos said.

"We considered keeping this reward within the PvP team, but then thought this would be a great opportunity to extend to your guild since you are all diverse players. This gives us a chance to show off some of the PvP and PvE gear."

"But we're not in a--"

I punched Rial in the gut without looking at him to shut him up. "Thank you, Saran. The gesture was most gracious."

He nodded. "Please, equip your armor and weapons so everyone can see."

I switched quickly to my beast tamer class as everyone else equipped their armor. Zaro summoned automatically and purred when I pat him. I then equipped my new PvP armor to be surprised by the change with both my gear and with Zaro.

[Gear to be described at a later time. Sorry guys!]

"Amazing," I murmured as I looked myself over and then at Zaro's armor. "I really like this new addition to the pet armor."

Vesser inspected Zaro. "This is very impressive. Adds a new level of tactics since the pet will be armored."

Saran nodded. "That was the idea."

Erin played with his new daggers. "I'm loving this."

"Impressive," Ramos said as he looked over his gear. "A little flashy for my taste but I'll live."

I laughed. "You thought this past season's gear was too flashy too."

"Because it was."

I shook my head. "You and Vesser need to stand closer together so we can compare the holy knight gear."

The two complied and I was impressed by the differences. They still had the holy knight feel to their gear, but they were definitely from different sides of the game.

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