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NaNoWriMo, Day 15

Today is Day 15 of NaNoWriMo! It's Sunday and I stayed up a bit too late last night and slept in too early today. Oh well!

My total for day 14 of NaNoWriMo was 1,713 words. Not as much as I wanted but much better than the pas few days. I'll take it. Was fun doing this part. Hop you guys enjoy it too.

All passages were in order from yesterday's post, so here's what I wrote:

"I like the difference," Vamir said.

I nodded with agreement. "I think I prefer Vesser's gear more though."

Ramos snorted and crossed his arms. "You would."

My brow rose. "What's that supposed to mean."

"We're happy you're all pleased," Saran said before the two of us could get into an argument. "We'll leave you to your usual activities."

Just then, we were teleported out of the arena and in front of Hellhound. Ramos looked around. "This is not where I was prior to the match. That's a bit irritating."

"Well it's probably a good thing," Erin said. "We should head inside the pub and talk about this guild topic that Saran mentioned."

"Yeah, what was up with that?" Rial asked. "And why did you hit me, Rinneth? I don't think it was called for."

I opened the door to the pub. "Because I wasn't going to let you screw Erin and Ramos out of free gear."

"That would have been a low blow, lad," Thuldren agreed.

Rial nodded. "Yeah, I didn't think of that."

We all sat down at a large table, trying to ignore the staring and whispering from other players. Because of the match, that would be going on for some time. A barmaid came up and took our orders and once she left, we went about discussing the guild topic.

"So, can we get to the bottom of why Saran said we were in a guild together?" Rial asked.

I shrugged. "Probably because we're constantly interacting, we might as well be one."

"So, like an unofficial guild," Vamir said.

Erin raised his hand. "I vote we make it official."

"Why not?" Vamir agreed, raising his hand

I raise my hand as well. "It'll be easier to talk to everyone and it'll keep the"--my menu pinged with a guild invite and then again. It continued until I had received what I was sure was fifty invites and it appeared the others on my team were having the same problem--"looks like I didn't speak fast enough."

"Yep, I'm not going to want to deal with that," Rial said. "I'm in."

"Count me in too," Thuldren said. "It be fun."

Vesser nodded. "I like the idea."

Ramos shrugged. "Sure, why not?"

The barmaid came back with our order and then left us to our discussing.

"So what do we want to call our guild of oddballs?" Rial asked.

"Vesser and I started our game play in Ravenford[S1] ," Vamir said. "And I believed you did as well, Thuldren."

"Aye, lad," Thuldren said. "But I know where ye is goin' with this and Heroes of Ravenford is taken by another group of young lads of mixed races."

"Well, there goes my idea."

"Not very creative," Ramos said.

"And what was your idea?" Erin asked.

"Knights of Holiness," Ramos replied.

Vesser snorted. "Yeah, that's so much more creative."

Ramos glared at him and Rial chuckled. "What about MakeUWimper? Works for both PvP and PvE."

Erin nodded. "Not bad. I was going to suggest Burning Eclipse."

Rial nodded. "I like that much better."

Everyone at the table nodded but I wasn't even paying attention--too deep in thought about what name I wanted to offer up.

"What do you think, Rinneth?" Erin asked.

I slammed my hand down on the table suddenly, startling everyone. Even Zaro lifted his head from where he laid to see what was up. "Flying Waffle Monsters!"

My friends were quiet and then they erupted with laughter.

"I'm serious!" I defended.

"Aye, lass, we know," Thuldren said as he wiped a tear from his eye.

"We were expecting a bit more serious response," Vamir said. "I mean, we were looking for your opinion on Erin's name proposal."

"Oh, sorry. I didn't even catch it," I admitted.

Ramos shook his head. "So we have Burning Eclipse up for grabs, and Rinneth's ridiculous proposal of

Flying Waffle Monsters."

I crossed my arms and huffed. "It's not ridiculous."

"Well, it kind of is," Vamir said.

"Not any more ridiculous than a team named Maiden Sacrifice with two Dragon team members," Erin pointed out.

My team looked at me and I rose my brow. "Vesser didn't tell you?"

"No," Rial said.

"Oh, sorry, Rinneth, I thought they knew," Erin apologized.

I waved him off. "No worries, Erin. They were going to find out eventually. I'm half Dragon."

Rial nodded. "All right then."

"I know a bit of Dragon lore," Vamir said. "Does that make you the Dragon-Phoenix?"

I nodded. "Yes."

Thuldren raised his mug. "We Metalbashers have been allies of the Dragon-Phoenix for some generations. Glad to see ye live and well."

"Thanks, Thuldren," I said with a smiled.

Rial looked at Vesser. "You knew about this?"

Vesser nodded. "She didn't tell me out right. Found out by chance."

Vamir shook his head. "I chose the team name to be ironic. Now it really is."

"I still wish you hadn't chosen it," Vesser muttered.

I giggled. "I like the name. For such a serious matter, the silliness of the name is a nice relief."

Vesser leaned back in his chair. "Then I vote we keep up with the silly names and call the guild Flying Waffle Monsters."

"I vote for Flying Waffle Monsters too," Erin said.

My brow rose. "You sure? Burning Eclipse is a pretty badass name."

"Yeah, but silly is more fun," Erin said. "I'll just use it for something else."

"Silly and fun get my vote," Thuldren agreed.

Ramos chuckled. "Same here."

Rial and Vamir agreed as well.

I clapped my hands together and stood up. "Then it's settled. Let's go to the charter hall and get things written up and start getting our guild hall built."

Everyone finished their drinks and we headed down to the guild hall set up near the cathedral of the town. Once there, the NPC drafted up the name as well as the starting members and our rules we made up on the spot.

"Wait, what's up with the spelling of your name, Erin?" Rial asked.

Erin asked. "My biological mom wanted a girl and refused to believe she had a son, even after I was born."

Vesser's brow rose. "Seriously?"

I giggled. "I have a photo of when he was six and had been forced to wear a dress."

Erin shook his head. "She was nuts."

"You said biological mother," Vamir observed. "Why?"

"Because when I was nine, she got so bad social services took me away from her. I was then adopted by an elven family a few years later."

"And your father?" Vamir asked.

Erin shook his head. "Never met him."

"Interesting," Vamir mused. "It's not common for Elves to abandon their children, even if they're Halfings."

"I doubt he even knows I exists," Erin defended. "I wasn't a planned child. Not that I really care. I like the family I have now."

"Fair enough."

"Dragon Lady, Rinneth," the NPC address. "Please choose where your guild hall will be built."

He slid the paper of choices across the table for me to look at. I read them out and then looked at the others. "Any preferences?"

"This is all you, Guild Master," Ramos teased.

I sighed. "Why am I GM?"

"Because you came up with the guild name," Vamir said. "It's only fair."

I shook my head and looked at the list. I wish someone else would take that job. I didn't like this kind of responsibility. Zaro purred and rubbed against me. I had to pick a location that was ideal for everyone's main classes as well as their backup ones and our types of professions. With two holy knights and a priest, we'd need a good area to set up an altar. With two rogues, they'd do well with seclusion, and with a mage, who also happened to be an alchemist, we'd need an area safe for practicing spells. I'd need a good place to feed my pets and let them run around since guild halls second as holding pens for classes with pets.

I checked off the Mountains of Serba on the sheet. Having quested there several times and done a few higher level raids not far from there, I knew it was the best choice for everyone.

The NPC smiled when I handed him the paper, along with the money we all pooled in to create the guild. "Thank you. It will take twenty-four hours for your hall to be built. When it's done you will receive an in-game message informing you of the wonderful news and you guild master will need to finalize the building before anyone can enter. Once the base guild hall is approved your guild is free to build onto it as you please to create a unique look for your guild."

I thanked the NPC and faced our guild as our guild name was added to our character profiles. "It's official."

"So what now?" Erin asked.

"I should log off. My father and I have dinner plans so I want to make sure I'm ready," I said.

Vesser nodded. "That's a good idea."

"I'll be back in town tomorrow and we can check out the guild hall before we do some arena matches," I said.

"I like that plan," Rial said. "We can all think about what we want in the guild hall too so we can plan for those upgrades."

"Aye, good plan," Thuldren said.

I waved. "Catch you later then."

I then logged off and Ramos and I headed for the restaurant so I wouldn't be late. My father hated tardiness.

Chapter 8


I landed behind a building in my bird form and shifted to a human one where I'd be hidden from prying eyes. I had learned some time ago to shift in private in Human cities since many Humans didn't understand shifters and were generally uncomfortable by the ability. Most had a problem with paranoia and spying.

We dragons couldn't even fly into a city in our natural forms. Humans still panicked at the sight of us, so we had learned to shift to an animal or humanoid form prior to entering a city. It was the main reason we had embraced modern living, not that that life style was a horrible thing. I rather enjoyed it myself.

Next day's installment

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