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NaNoWriMo, Day 19

Today is Day 19 of NaNoWriMo! My total for day 18 of NaNoWriMo was 1,111 words. Needed to do other things that took up a good portion of my writing time, so I'm happy with that count.

All passages were in order from yesterday's post, so here's what I wrote:

“So what else do we want to build?” Rinneth asked.

“I’d like to see the building plans for prayer altars,” Ramos said. “Vamir, Ramos, I’m sure you’d be interested in this as well.”

Vamir nodded. “Yes, I would.”

I nodded as well. “And we should scope out the area to find out if we can agree on a single location, or if we will need to purchase more than one plan.”

“Careful with that,” Rinneth warned. “I know most altar plans are fairly small, but we do have limits on space, so do your best to agree. Rial, would you like to see what’s available for alchemy labs?”

“Yeah, and a good place for my mage studies,” Rial replied.

Thuldren jumped up and down while raising his hand. “Blacksmith plans, lass.”

“I’d like to look at some of the rogue quarters,” Erin said. “Thuldren and I can look them over together after he’s done with his blacksmith stall. and you can have input too, if you want.”

Rinneth shrugged. “I might give some, but rogue isn’t my main class, so I won’t give a whole lot of input.”

“Ye input still be important, lass,” Thuldren said.

She waved him off and went about rummaging through the blueprints only for her to look up and scan the room. “Alright, you guys, It’s too cramped in here with all of you sleeping on the floor. Outside you go.”

With what sounded like grumbling, all but two of her pets haled themselves up on their feet and headed outside. The remaining two pets were her Calacour, Zaro, and a Dragona, the largest of all the Dragona Rinneth had in this room, and one I had yet to meet.

“Don’t bother the builders!” she shouted after her pet. She then pat Zaro and her Dragona on the head when they came over to her. “Zaro, Nythe, that means you too.”

Zaro purred and Nythe laid down at Rinneth’s feet. Rinneth sigh and Ramos snickered. “You sound like a mother.”

She looked around at us. “I’m going to start feeling like it soon.” Erin snickered and she pointed at him. “That includes you.”

He hung his head dejectedly and the rest of us laughed. Rinneth then went back to her searching, and organized the blueprints once she found everything she was looking for. We all accepted the stack of papers she handed us and went about our duty of scoping out good blueprints and the location to build them. Or, everyone but me did.

When Rinneth didn’t follow us out I headed back inside to find her sitting on the floor with her two pets, looking at other blueprints.

“Rinneth, what are you doing?” I asked.

She looked at me innocently. “I’m seeing what else we’re going to be able to add to this place.”

I sighed. “You’re supposed to come help us with these plans.”

“Why?” she asked, surprising me. “I already picked out the two stables. There’s where my two cents went in. I want you guys to have a say in how this guild looks.”

I grabbed her by the wrist, causing her to drop the papers she held, and hauled her onto her feet. “You’re going to scout with me. Let’s go.”


“Rinneth, are we not guild mates? Are we not on the same team?”

“Well yeah, but--”

“But what? I want you to scout the area with me for a good spot for a praying altar.”

“You sure?”

I sighed with aggravation and she smiled as I dragged her outside, her pets following close behind. “Vamir and Ramos headed down the mountain so I’m think we should go--”

Rinneth twisted her hand and grabbed mine, and yanked me in another direction. “Up the mountain we go.”

I remained quiet as she practically dragged me behind her. For someone who didn’t want to help, she sure wanted to help now.

As we continued through the forest, I watched a her eyes changed from set and determined to easy and relaxed. Her body posture followed and our pace ceased to feel rushed. My gaze fell onto our connected hands, her grip the only thing as tight as when this walk started. A platonic gesture to most Dragons, this should have been a non-issue, and completely normal. But with how quickly I was falling for this female, instinct tried to tricking me into thinking it was something more.

The only thing that kept it at bay, was how unaware Rinneth was to the gesture. her action was platonic, and I had to keep it that way. I couldn’t even pull my hand away or she’d question why, since very few Dragons would react that way. I’d just have to keep myself level headed and ignore...the curve in her lips as she smiled...and how her hips swayed as she walked...Gods, I’m in so much trouble… At this rate I wasn’t going to last until the end of the PvP season.

I needed a distraction. “Rinneth, tell me about this Dragona you have. I’ve never seen him before.”

“Nythe is female,” Rinneth said.

I stumbled and Rinneth laughed at me. “But she’s so large!”

“That’s the power of breeding. Took my a while, but she was the result of breeding some of my best Dragona.”

“But why haven’t I seen her before?”

“Well, she used to be my main Dragona pet for when I would run with that spec, but I thought I’d try to breed her. That didn’t work out so well, since she wouldn’t let any of my male Dragona near her, so I recently switched her back to my main pet.”

“We didn’t really talk about your pets when we started getting you gear for the arenas. Is it true you use different gear types with different pets?”

“Yes. My Dragona allows me to wear mail, but I have to wear predominately leather with my Calacour.”

“Does that mean you need separate sets of gear?”

“Yep. Everyone has been content with me using my Calacour, so I didn’t think to mention that. I could work on the proper gear when my main set of gear was done.”

“When you were given that new gear from the devs--”

Rinneth shook her head. “No, I only received one type of gear for PvP and PvE, and they were for my Calacour.”

I sighed. “Of course.”

Rinneth giggled. “It’s not a big deal. If you guys want me to use my Dragona at any time, we’ll have to get the proper gear.”

I nodded. “Then we’ll do that. I’m sure switching up your pets will give different advantages.”

She grinned. “Naturally.”

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