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NaNoWriMo, Day 24

Today is Day 24 of NaNoWriMo and yes I'm still doing the rest of this month like I claimed. My total for day 23 of NaNoWriMo was 1,071 words.

All passages were in order from yesterday's post, so here's what I wrote:

Chapter 11


Ramos opened the door of the game lounge for me and we entered like normal, only to find the lounge to be a bit emptier than normal. Most would think because it was a weekday, this place would be fairly empty, but in my times coming here, I’d never seen it this empty before.

We rode the elevator up to the team lounge without speaking and walked down the hall the same way. Neither of us had spoken since I had gotten mad at him last night. Didn’t help that I ended up finding out what my father needed him for, and it wasn’t at all important. At least, not important enough to break his promise, so I didn’t feel bad for not speaking with him.

I opened the door to our game lounge room to find my team sitting around, but not in the game. Well, everyone but Vamir was lounging. He on the other hand, was snoozing away. “I thought you guys were going to wait for me in-game.”

“Well, we were,” Rial said. “But the servers are acting up.”

“Again?” I sighed. “Alright. Is that why sleeping beauty there is getting his shut-eye?”

Vesser chuckled. “He insisted on going home for two days and being here today and not tomorrow.”

I shook my head. He’s as crazy as Zalrish.

I looked at my messenger when my communicator began to flash with an incoming call. I smirked when Nazre’s name showed up, and strapped my communicator to my head. “Hello?”

“Miss, Rinneth,” Nazre greeted. “I’m glad you picked up. I have some exciting news.”

“I hope it has something to do with our ultra secret project,” I said, purposely articulating to grab my team’s attention.

“Would I bother you for anything else?” he said. “Your special request from earlier in the week has been completed and your father informed me you were in town.”

“We’ll be right over.” I ended the call and smiled wide at the boy.

“Where we going?” Rial asked excitedly.

“Wake up sleeping beauty, we’re going to the convention center,” I said. The guys looked at Vamir and then back at me and I rolled my eyes. “Really?”

“He hits,” Thuldren explained. “And, lass, I don’t know ‘bout ye, but I ain’t gettin’ hit.”

I rolled my eyes again and walked over to the back side of the couch Vamir was sleeping on. I grabbed the tips of his pointy ears and gave them a tiny tug. “Wake up, sunshine!”

Vamir moaned and swatted at me but I caught his hand and then yanked on one of his ears again. He moaned again, but this times his eyes fluttered.

“Wake up, sleeping beauty,” I said.

“Rinneth?” he said groggily.

I lightly pulled his ear. “Yeah, it’s me. Wake up.”

He took a deep breath and yawned. “How long have you been here?”

“About five minutes.”

He sat up and rubbed his face. “Is the server up yet?”

“Nope, but we’re going on a field trip.”


I nudged him to convince him to stand up. “You’ll see, now get up.”

“I need a minute to wake up.”

I nudged him again and then headed for the door. “You’ll wake up on the way. Now let’s go.”

Vamir reluctantly slid off the couch and everyone else excitedly followed me out of the building and down the sidewalk towards the convention center. Once there, I led them through the first floor lobby to the elevator. The ride up to the top floor was quiet but I could feel the excitement rolling off the guys are they wondered what I was going to show them.

The elevator door opened and a security guard I recognized was waiting. “Rinneth, I thought I saw you walk through those doors.”

“Hey, Kyle,”

Kyle looked at Vesser. “I see you got your apology to her.”

Vesser chuckled. “Took a bit, but yeah, I did.”

Kyle jerked his head and started walking down the hall. “Nazre said you’d be showing up. I don’t want to keep you from him.”

I nodded my thanks and the group of us followed him down the long hall and into the only room at the end. Nazre looked up from a computer he was at and smiled wide at the sight of us. “Excellent, you’re all here.”

I chuckled. “I said we’d be right over.”

He nodded. “That you did. Come. I want to show you your order.

The boys looked around curiously as we followed Nazre to the back end of the room where four new simulation pods were set up. I held out my hands dramatically. “Ta-dah!” They looked at me with confusion and I sighed. “Why can’t I ever get an excited response from men about legitimate things that are exciting?”

“Well, to us, these look like simulation pods,” Vesser said.

“They look sleeker than the one I have, but still a simulation pod,” Rial added. “Sorry to break it to you, but they were already invented.”

I sighed. “You guys are no fun. These are upgraded pods. They’ve been designed to accurately replicate the six major senses.”

Vamir held up his hand. “There are only five major senses.”

I place a hand on my hip and wagged my finger. “Not if you count peripheral awareness.”

He thought about this and then nodded with agreement.

“So,” Rial started. “Do we get to experience just how awesome these supposed upgraded pods are so we can judge ourselves?”

I held out my hand towards the pods. “I’d be insulted if you didn’t.”

The room echoed with laughter and then the boys looked over the pods.

“There is a name on here,” Vamir observed. “Looks like your name, Rial.”

“Really?” Rial asked.

“Vesser, there be ye name on this one,” Thuldren said.

They all looked at me and I clasped my hands behind my back and smiled. “I customized them for you guys.”

“Wow, really?” Vesser asked. I nodded and he smiled. “Thank you.”

“Yeah, that’s really nice of you, Rinneth,” Vamir agreed.

I shrugged. “It’s whatever, really. Now test these out. I want to know what you think. Besides the testers, and myself, no one else has been allowed to use these new models.”

“When will they be available for the public?” Rial asked.

“Not until after the press release,” I said. “Now get in, and find out what everyone else will be missing out on.”

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