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Book 3 Teaser

Hello everyone!

I have another teaser to wave in your face! Those who are subscribed to my newsletter, have already seen this one, so this won't be anything new to them. Subscribe to my newsletter to get these kinds of updates sooner as well as other subscriber only perks, such as (but not limited to), giveaways, contests, cover design input, ARC access, excerpts before non subscribers, etc...

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Now, I digress, I mentioned an excerpt (what I really love just calling teasers) and I'm sure you got excited. Good thing, because I have one to share with all of you. Since the manuscript is with my editor, what I'm sharing isn't edited, so please don't mind the awful spelling, grammatical, and sentence structure mistakes. They get fixed in time, as you've all noticed with the published books you've already read.


I sat down on the crate and leaned against the brick wall. I had been working at the club all night and I desperately needed a break. Rylan was working overtime at the shop and Raikidan had disappeared earlier this morning along with Shva'sika so I was forced to do this alone.

My feet hurt from running around and my ass hurt from all the slapping and grabbing it got from the drunken soldiers. Without Raikidan around they became bolder and it took every ounce of my will not to kill them.

I let out a long sigh. I wanted this night to just end. I wanted to go back to the house and think of real strategies to take down Zarda. I didn't want any of this stupid­­ eavesdropping and slutty antics. But most of all, I wanted to go home and check on Argus. The first infection hadn't stayed away for long and no one could figure out why. He had done a great job keeping it clean and Shva'sika and Seda had been taking turns checking him as a precaution. In the end Azriel had come over to give us a hand and he had somehow found a small metal shard that was still imbedded in his skin.

Azriel had been forced to sedate Argus and cut open the skin again, but as soon as he took out the small shard, he found more. It had taken over an hour for him to finally be comfortable with saying he had found them all and allowed Shva'sika to heal Argus up as best as she could.

Unfortunately, the scar was no longer as neat as the first one, but Argus didn't mind. In fact, he liked the new look. Azriel told us the infection would go away in a few days as long as he had gotten all the shards, and there was no eye damage for anyone to worry about, but I still felt a little responsible. Argus really hadn't been wearing protective eye wear because of me.

Low chuckling from the entrance of the ally caught my attention. I looked up to see two figures encroaching on me. I could smell the alcohol on their breath from where I was, and from the way they were dressed I assumed they were soldiers. Where did they come from? How had I not noticed them approach?

"Look, Sedo, a little lost kitty."

I didn't like where this was going.

"You're right, Amon, maybe we should help her." The two of them laughed and the one named Sedo drew a knife. "Do as we say kitty and we won't have to hurt you."

I stood up and looked for a way out. I had to keep up this pathetic, weak act as long as I could, even if it meant running, but there was nowhere to run. The alley was short and the only place to sit was far from the door, which these two were now blocking.

I backed away from them until I bumped into the wall. Great. There was no way out of this if I kept up this act and I wasn't going let myself be manhandled by these two soldiers.

A low growl emitted from behind them. The two stopped advancing and looked back. A tall, hooded figure stood in the entrance of the alley.

What'd you think guys? Even more excited now? I hope so. There will be more of those to come in the coming weeks to get you all hyped up. The release date has been moved to the end of December and I don't see it moving again, but life likes to surprise us.

This is all I have to share for now. Subscribers know a bit more, but that's a perk ;) I'll be posting more as the release date comes close. Happy reading!

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