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Book 3 Teaser 3

Hello everyone!

I have another teaser to wave in your face! Those who are subscribed to my newsletter, have already seen this one, so this won't be anything new to them. Subscribe to my newsletter to get these kinds of updates sooner as well as other subscriber only perks, such as (but not limited to), giveaways, contests, cover design input, ARC access, excerpts before non subscribers, etc...

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Book 3 is getting closer to release with editing coming to a close soon and cover design beginning after. Below is an unedited excerpt from book 3.


Raikidan scratched his head. "Well only recently to be honest. Shva'sika mentioned she had seen him while out doing some shaman thing and said we looked a lot alike so she thought we might be related. I didn't think it was him right off so I brushed the idea off. But then after a while I started thinking about it and then sent your bird to deliver a message to him. Sorry for not asking by the way. I just really needed to know."

My gaze was soft as I looked at him. "It's alright. Family is important. It good to keep those good relations when you can. Besides, when they're around you're less likely to accept living alone is best." Raikidan stared at me. I had to look away. I shouldn't have said that. "I guess you're right." I looked at him again. "I thought I had been alone growing up, but I wasn't as alone as I could have been. I guess that's why I wanted to find him when I had the means to." "Raikidan, how many siblings do you have?" Raikidan sighed. "It's just me, Ebon, and our older sister from a previous clutch, I think." "You think?" "No one has heard from her in about a century so no one knows if she's still alive." "Rai, how many clutches did your parents have?" "Four." "And how many were in those clutches?" "The average. Between two and four." That meant he could have had up to fifteen older siblings and only two of them have possibly survived. "What's the likelihood of Dragon's surviving to their first century?" Raikidan huffed. "Depends. If they lived in a clan and chose to stay that way, the chance is pretty high, but the clutch rates and egg numbers tend to be lower. If they come from a pair of Dragons who live alone, the likelihood of them surviving their first half-century is fifty percent and once they leave to be on their own it drops to twenty-five percent. For Half-colors, it's very unlikely for them to survive on their own." "They're actively pursued and killed then." Raikidan nodded and my gaze lowered. His life was hard for a born creature. To be killed in cold blood for being different, it was no better than being a tank-born. I sighed and stared up at the ceiling. There was one more question that was mingling in my head. "What's it like to have memories of growing up?" "What?" I looked at him. "What is it like to remember growing up?" "Well, that's hard to say. The memories are in pieces. Some here and some there. Some are important and some aren't. It's not something I can remember entirely but sometimes I remember pieces I could never remember before. They feel like normal memories. Why do you ask?" I looked back up at the ceiling and then raised my hand to look at it. "I'm a Tank-born. I don't…have any of those kinds of memories. The tank feeds us images of things to learn, like animals, trees, the ocean, and, if we're really lucky, a person we're supposed to know. But that's all we get. We don't get fake memories of being children, or memories of someone taking care of us, or even memories of sharing something with a sibling." I sighed. "The first thing I remember was waking up too early and everything going wrong in vivid detail. "I remember the confusion and the struggle to survive because I knocked my breathing mask off when it stopped giving me oxygen and I remember the tank malfunctioning and not releasing me like it was supposed to so Jasmine had to break the glass in order to make sure I didn't drown. I remember a large chunk of what I did that first day, but that first day was when I was seventeen. I wasn't a child. I didn't have memories to look back on. I didn't get a life most did." I clenched my hand into a fist and held it close to my chest. "I just wanted to know what it was like to have that." "Eira…" I chuckled. "Sorry. I went off into a weird place on you again. Well, now you know something about me, and why I don't talk about myself much. There isn't much to know after that." Raikidan suddenly rolled over on me and tucked his arms under my body. I tensed and my cheeks burned. I tried to speak, but nothing came out. His grip tightened as he nuzzled my neck and my whole body warmed up. I finally found my voice, but it wasn’t strong like I needed it to be. "R–Raikidan, w–what are you doing?"

This is all I have to share for now. Subscribers know a bit more, but that's a perk ;) I'll be posting more as the release date comes close. Happy reading!

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