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Fated Mates - Limited Time Offer

I have one book deal for you! Some authors I know have come together and created a limited time PNR/RH boxed set. The theme of the set fell in line with a topic that was popular in last year's survey with my newsletter subscribers, so I wanted to share it with you. Fated Mates. This set is currently on preorder for 99c on all major retailers. Killer deal for the number of books included. Since it's a preorder, I've not read any of the titles specifically, and I haven't seen any sneak peeks (though I was told there are some excerpt on wattpad for people to see more, just follow my provide link), so I can't say what each story contains in any detail. Though, talking with some of the authors, there are high heat scenes and many of the stories have "alpha" males. The latter isn't my cup o' tea, but it may be yours. The authors are also have a free offer to go along side the preorder as well, so if you're interested, click the link below.

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