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Summoning Their Elementalist Preorder

Summoning Their Elementalist is now up for preorder! I worked hard to do my best and get this book out as promised, and while it's not going to be done with the editing stage in June like I'd hoped, I'm confidently able to say it'll be available in July. For a limited time it'll be $0.99 before it goes up to it's $3.99 full price.

And can we also just stop to admire this cover? Wow!

Jasper didn’t set out to fall in love with his best friend and professional gaming partner Zach, hell he never thought it an option. But when an accident cost him his wife’s life leaving him a single parent, the two found comfort in each other. Happy, he couldn’t have wanted more. Until the newbie spitfire redhead in their guild smoked them both in a duel and subsequently agreed to join their team.

Quick with her spells and even quicker with her words, she’s got a soft spot for his daughter, and a growing place in his heart, as well as Zach’s.

Only problem? She won’t see them outside the game.

Zach has been happy with his partner Jasper and his daughter, even though they came together under less than pleasant circumstances. But as happy as they are, he can’t deny his growing attraction to their guildmate and fellow teammate Shira. So when Jasper confides in him an idea to include her into their family, he’s on board.

But, how are they going to convince her of that, when they can’t even get her to meet them in person? And if they succeed, what will become of his relationship with Jasper?

Shira has three rules: don’t date in person, don’t hookup with guildmates, and most certainly don’t believe an android can find love. After obtaining lifesaving cybernetics, she lost her modeling career, her dating life, and her confidence. She retreated inward, taking up a new gaming hobby due to new friends she made in the hospital.

Pairing up with fellow guildmates Jasper and Zach for player vs. player activities, she slowly finds her confidence again and embraces this new life, doing her best to escape her past. Except growing close to these two men tests her rules in ways she never expected, especially when they insist on meeting her.

And if they could summon her, what would become of them when her past comes back to haunt her?

Preorder Summoning Their Elementalist Now!

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