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Prophecy of Convergence Preorder

The fateful day is here! I've talked it up for last 6 months, and watched my release plans be pushed back several times, but not anymore. Prophecy of Convergence is up for preorder! :D Woohoo!!

And look at this gorgeous cover! Jackson outdid himself once again with this beautiful master piece, and the full image for the hardback is even more amazing.

For a limited time you can preorder the ebook on major retailers for only $0.99! Get it while it's hot!

And while you're at if, if you haven't yet, the prequel to this new story is also up for preorder, exclusively available in the Rogue Skies boxset ^_^

Want to see these announcements before anyone else? Want to see all the juicy behind the scenes and first looks at chapters that aren't shown to anyone? How about signed hardcopies every time a book releases? Come and support me on Patron and you'll get that and more!

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