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Summoning Their Elementalist Release

It's here! Summoning Their Elementalist is live!

And for 2 days only it's available in KU. So get it before it leaves 7/27

And even though it's available, here's a teaser, because why not?


“Daddy, will you turn off my nightlight?”

“Are yah sure?” Jasper asked.

Serenity nodded and took a deep breath, as if she were preparing for something. “I’m not going to be afraid of the dark from now on.”

“Well, if you want to go cold-turkey, yah can.” Shira saw his shadow move across the room. “But if it’s too much, we can turn it back on and work slowah, okay?”

Serenity shrunk down into her blanket, as if almost regretting the cold-turkey choice, and then nodded. The room darkened, the tablet and a dim light somewhere in the house the only things to illuminate the room. Shira watched Serenity tense up. She needed to help ease her tension. “Starship, would you like it if I sang to you?”

Serenity’s head nodded a mile a minute. “Yes.”

Jasper came over and held onto the tablet. “I’ll hold this so you don’t have to worry about dropping it.”

He kept it level with her face so the two could still see each other. Shira smiled. “This is a song my mom would sing to me. Now, close your eyes and listen carefully.”

Serenity listened and Shira hummed. She wasn’t the best singer out there, but it was the thought that counted. And in this moment, from the looks of Serenity’s smile, it did count. She added the lyrics in, mixing in the German words, just like her mother had.

Serenity yawned and snuggled into her pillow. “Night, momma.”

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