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Prophecy Tested Release

Prophecy Tested (formerly available in the limited edition Rogues Gallery) was released from contract and is now available on its own!


Everyone has their place. Or they should. Twenty-year-old Aviana isn’t so lucky. Born to a clan that lost their way long before her time, she is the product of a pairing that should be celebrated. Instead, she hid in the shadows for her own protection and watched her family’s reputation crumble. However, there is one being of great power and importance to her clan who has always believed in her, telling her she is destined for greatness. And now that she is to undergo her coming-of-age test—a test so grueling most never finish it on their first try—Aviana must prove herself worthy. But as the clock ticks, and lives hang in the balance, will she live up to her family name and the expectations placed on her?

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