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Prophecy Chosen Release

Prophecy Chosen (formerly available in the limited edition Rogue Skies) was released from contract and is now available on its own!


A dragon’s trust. A clan divided. A god’s command. Half-elf Oracle Aviana must complete an impossible task—unify her broken clan. Fractured during conflicts centuries before her time, they’ve lost their ways, causing Aviana’s existence, once seen as sacred, to be a living hell. At twenty years of age, and now an adult according to their customs, all she wants now is for them to see her as worth more than what’s in her blood—and the dragon god, Akorith, has just the plan. Connected since birth to the mighty entity, his whispers have followed her dreams, speaking of an era long forgotten—one he needs her to revive, or a great darkness will consume them all. To do so, she’ll have to complete a task her mother started before her disappearance: gain the trust of two dragons who now see her as the enemy. The only problem? She’s not permitted to leave the clan’s territory. If she dares to make any movement outside of town, she’s instantly monitored. And such a task, even from a god, would be seen as treasonous. To make her task even harder, her mixed-blood nature begins altering her physical appearance, ensuring she’ll gain more enemies than allies if she doesn’t learn to conceal or control it. And when she finally meets these two dragons, whom her mother had come to care for greatly, Aviana must make the most difficult choice of her life…

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