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Face-lift For Experimental Heart

The Experimental Heart series is getting a face-lift, and in more ways than one!

I teamed up once again with amazing Amalia Chitulescu to bring some new life to the fantastic artwork Jackson Tjota has already done for the series.

But wait, that's not all!

To go along with the changes, the story itself is being fixed up. Many scenes have been improved upon, from better wording to more proper in-character reactions, and Destiny has even gotten a new chapter!

So far only the new ebook versions of Destiny and Pieces are live (hard copy editions in process with printer). I'm working tirelessly to finish up the other three books (and omnibus) and will make an announcement when that happens. If you haven't gotten your copy of these two books, now's a great time to start ;)

If you have purchased these, and want the new version, you will need to contact amazon's customer support. They're giving me waaay too much trouble over allowing purchased copies to be updated at will by readers. It's honestly frustrating how much of a stink they're causing. But as a customer, they will be more likely to give you what you're asking for.

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