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All About the VL Editions

In today's Kickstarter post, I'm finally going to give you a breakdown of the various print editions for Valkyrie Lost! I'll also tell you what they'll cost (on their own, without other rewards, not including shipping).

Retail edition:

This edition will come in paperback and hardback. It will contain basic interior formatting, and the classic cover designed by The Book Brander. The hardcover will also sport the Covers by Combs design I revealed recently. Backing this on Kickstarter will get this edition into your hands at least 3 months before it goes to retailers.

Paperback price: $15

Hardback price: $30

Special Edition:

This upgraded edition will come in paperback and hardback. It will contain upgraded custom interior formatting (image example not final) with 2 character illustration inserts, and a new cover (to be revealed soon). The hardcover will also sport the artwork of the retail edition cover as an undercover design.

Paperback price: $35

Hardback price: $50

This special edition will only be available through Kickstarter (this campaign project or future ones).

Limited Edition:

This edition will come in hardback only. It will contain a unique formatted interior (not yet designed) with 2 character illustration inserts and 1 scene illustration insert, a reversible jacket each side depicting the unrevealed cover and classic cover as well as spot gloss embellishments, a brand new undercover art (to be revealed, hopefully, soon) with foil accents, painted edges, and custom end sheets.

Price: $70

This edition will only be available through this Kickstarter campaign project (unless there are any left over from the initial print run, which will result in them being available in only future Kickstarter projects).

Excited? I hope so, because I certainly am! And should this project go well, you will be seeing more opportunities for both future books and past favorite books receiving this kind of exciting treatment.

Don't miss out on any of these book editions and follow the project to make sure you're backing day 1 (special perks for those who do 😉)

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