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Binding Their Elementalist Teaser

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Shira was the attack dog of the three women, but they showed their harsher side then in loyalty, and Jasper was no fool to take the shift lightly. Even when he inquired about the man’s identity, they provided stilted and unhelpful responses, as both women were more focused on figuring out who would go help Shira out. Narissa even ordered the coffee Jasper had planned to get for Shira—with a few extras he didn’t know she would have preferred, like caramel. Shira hadn’t given him any specific coffee request beyond wanting cream and sugar.

Surprisingly, it was his and Zach’s AI, Alistair, who volunteered them. It seemed this Jeremy fellow had been given the impression Shira was here with a boyfriend… or two. Narissa and Mercedes were quick to like the plan, and Jasper was more than eager to play up the part. Zach was also on board, but volunteered to get their order first, even if that meant he lagged behind a bit. He also seemed to think it would help prevent it from looking like no one believed Shira could handle the situation.

While Narissa and Mercedes were unsure, Jasper had to agree with his boyfriend. Shira was a strong and capable person. And from the way the interaction had looked to be going from afar, she wasn’t in any physical danger around the guy, which meant she deserved to not be treated like some damsel in distress. She’s far from it.

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