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Binding Their Elementalist Teaser

Pre-order coming soon!!!

Zach took the first step up the stairs so they wouldn’t be late, and the other two were quick to follow his lead. Snake, silent as always, slipped between him and Shira. When they made it to the first landing, something dawned on Zach, and he couldn’t resist finding out just how Shira would react.

“You know, now that we’ve pretended to be together in front of Jeremy and Britney, we have to keep this up for the whole convention.” Zach smirked. “Wouldn’t exactly look good if they caught us later not acting like a proper triad.”

Jasper rubbed his chin. “Is that the right term? I thought it was throuple. Don’t want to give the wrong impression of how we’ve chosen to handle this relationship.”

“We can research to be sure.”

“Research?” Shira rolled her eyes so hard for a moment Zach thought they might pop out. “I think you two are taking this a little too seriously. What is this, one of Kiara’s romance books you want to reenact?”

Zach chuckled. “Only if we promise it’s only for show, and that we won’t let our hearts get tangled up in the fun of pretending so much that we start believing the relationship is real.”

Shira laughed, though Jasper cut it short when he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close. He grinned against her ear, the green in his eyes deepening and making Zach’s pulse jump. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not keen on promising it’s only for show. It’s far too restricting, and doesn’t sound as fun as letting our hearts get tangled immediately.”

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