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Binding Their Elementalist Teaser

Pre-order coming soon!!!

“Oh, c’mon,” Jasper said, reaching for the device. “Just let us see.”

Zach held it out of reach. “No. You’re going to be patient.”

“Yeah, Daddy, be patient,” Serenity mimicked in a mocking tone.

“Yeah, Daddy, you heard them, be patient,” Shira said, her tone low and seductive. Her lips curled into a pleased smile when Jasper and Zach both stared at her, and then she slowly turned away, her movements exaggerated as she made her way to the final course.

Zach hoped Jasper was feeling the same as him. The change in her may have been out of the blue—But her voice… He was definitely hard again from that. Zach would not mind if she spoke like that some more to them.

“You told me I was in trouble,” Jasper murmured to him. “She’d better no keep that up, or I definitely will be.”

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