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Book Release Delay



The releases for Valkyrie Unchained and Valkyrie Lost have been delayed once more by 4 more weeks and Valkyrie Shattered's preorder has been canceled (temporarily). Allyson and I both have been struggling a bit with a few things and even though we pushed these release dates already, it wasn't going to be enough. We need just a little bit more time. As for Shattered, Allyson needs a lot more time for that one. It will still be released, so don't worry, this isn't an indefinite delay on that.

I apologize for those who were really looking forward to these releases. I promise the delay will be worth it. Below are the new dates:

Valkyrie Unchained: April 23, 2024

Valkyrie Freed: April 30, 2024

However, it's not all bad news. I have something small Oracle's Path related coming up that I hope will cheer you up a little bit. A little more on that soon ;)

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