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Chibi Stickers

Chibi stickers!

That's my next Kickstarter reveal :D You all know I love my stickers and created them for characters in my world. EH got some, LFG got some as well. So, of course, I had to hit up Lia again to make some for Valkyrie Lost.

Because I'm having such realistic artwork done for prints, I thought it best to do chibis for the stickers, and they've turned out so cute! To start, there are only 2 chibi stickers available, Astrid and Tyr. However, there will be opportunities to unlock more ;)

Don't miss out on the special edition and limited collectors edition of this book and follow the project to make sure you're backing day 1 (special perks for those who do 😉)

#kickstarter #valkyrielost #valkyriesrising #historicalfantasyromance #witches #gods

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