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Meet Astrid

Meet Astrid. The main female protagonist of Valkyrie Lost and a Völva (witch) who catches a particular god's eye after a chance prayer encounter. (More on him later.) Astrid is as sweet as she is deadly, healing your wounds or slamming magic axes into your chest should you threaten those she loves.

I teamed up with the talented Maerel Hibadita and her team at Polar Engine for this project to bring this character to life. There will be art prints and posters available in this Kickstarter, as well as some special page inserts for the special edition and limited edition books!

Note: The image displayed is using an WIP render. The final rendered illustration will be used in swag rewards.

Don't miss out on the special edition and limited collectors edition of this book and follow the project to make sure you're backing day 1 (special perks for those who do 😉)

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