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Merch Shop and BTE Print Preorder!

Surprise announcement!

Binding their Elementalist Paperback and Hardback preorder is here! You can preorder exclusively through me via my NEW MERCH SHOP. All copies come signed (optional personalization), and the preorder comes with a small little gift (including some exclusive goodies).

Merch shop? That's right, my merch shop is finally open. I've been hinting at this for a some time, and after a number of snafus I can say it's here!

Maybe not in the form I expected, but that's okay. After dealing with issues with taxes, international logistics, and art design delays, I've chosen to set up an Etsy store where you'll be able to grab signed print books and other merch!

In time, I expect I'll have an official store, but this will be a nice stop along the way.

Take a look at what I've got (more to come in time), and if there's something you really would love to see in the future, let me know!

To celebrate the opening, I've got a limited time 10% coupon for you to use! Clicking the link below should automatically apply it, but if it doesn't, the code is OPENAPRIL21 (coupon expires April 30th)

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