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Moving to Ream!

I’m moving from Patreon to Ream!

This has been a little bit in the making, but it’s finally time.

Ream is much like Patreon, but it’s better suited for authors and readers alike with the ability to display stories in a format that’s far more comfortable (on both computers and phones/their phone app), allow better commenting in stories, separate out stories from community posts in ways it’s easier to find what you’re looking for, they don’t censor me like Patreon tries (no fear they’ll get angry at me for all the naughty scenes), and so much more!

They also have the ability for me to give perks for followers! So, if you’re not sure about/able to subscribe to a paid tier with the bigger perks, I do have something special for you (you can always upgrade to a paid tier later if you wish).

I’ve changed up the perks on Ream from my original Patreon tiers, and they’re definitely much better, as I can offer some more things that Patreon made difficult to do. They’ve also gotten a more uniform theme 😉

So, my little Dragonlings, come join the clan!

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