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NEW RELEASE: Valkyrie Condemned

New release in the Valkyrie Rising series! Valkyrie Condemned by Allyson Lindt is now available. This release continues the twists and turns laid out through this series all the while building up its own deliciously spicy love story. Not only that, but Mia's story directly ties to events set up in Renewed and will lead into events for Freed. It's not one you're going to want to miss!

I left the violence of my father’s world—the underworld he controlled—behind the moment I was an adult. I had no idea that the destiny waiting for me was even darker.

I’m happy running my comic shop, renting the room upstairs to an adorably naïve priest in training, and pretending to be bothered when Dad’s oh-so-sexy right-hand man stops by to check on me every few weeks.

But then the dreams start. A woman who looks like she could kill Thac—my self-appointed bodyguard—with a glare tells me I’m destined to be a Valkyrie. Caleb—the man renting a room from me—manifests powers of his own. And I realize I’ve tumbled into a world I never could’ve imagined.

Along with my Valkyrie sisters, I’ve been called on to do war against an old god. My roommate and the ancient being who seem to worship me will either be my biggest allies, or my downfall. If they clash with each other, if all three of us can’t come together to fight with my new Valkyrie sisters, the world will burn.

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