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NEW RELEASE: Valkyrie Renewed

New Release Alert!

It’s here! Valkyrie Renewed has released on retailers. Astrid’s second book in the Valkyries Rising series is here and her story and destiny are calling.

If you’re a lover of:

✅ A large, protective, and stoic hero god with a gentle streak for her (except her clothing)

✅ A charismatic best friend hero with a secret he doesn’t even know

✅ A small kind, and fiery heroine with curves for days and even more baggage

✅ Magic, dragons, Norse myth, and history reinvented

✅ Second chances and friends-to-lovers

✅ Prophesized and destined love

✅ Medium burn romance with HOT 🥵 Scenes

And so more, this is a book you’re not going to want to miss.

Valkyrie Renewed is available on all major retailers and will be available in Kindle Unlimited for 2 days only. It is also available in Kobo Plus, and has been submitted to libraries.

The spoiler discussion thread has also been opened in the Facebook group if you wish to join others and myself in talking about Valkyrie Lost.


The world needs saving, and my magic can help. Too bad I have no memory of this power.

I have everything I could want: a loving father, my just best friend Diego, and our family mountain retreat where lost souls come to find themselves. And yet, I find myself feeling like there’s something missing.

When a scarred, weary warrior with a missing hand, looks that could kill and melt my insides, and an air of familiarity rolls up, I begin to wonder if it’s not him who is lost, but me.

Fighting the way Diego’s smiles sends my heart skittering, and ignoring Tyr’s crazy talk of gods and a past history with him thousands of years ago, becomes the least problematic parts of my life when nightmares of menacing black wolves return to haunt my dreams, and magic begins to fly from my fingertips.

When the truth becomes too much for me to ignore, am I up to the task of healing a broken world, or will the wolves again go for the throat?

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