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NEW RELEASE: Valkyrie Restored

There's a new release in the Valkyrie Rising series! Valkyrie Restored by TB Mann is now available. This release take a new turn in the arching story, and it's not one you're going to want to miss.

Memory loss can be a blessing or a curse... I just haven't decided which.

Five years ago, I awoke in a Greek hospital with no memories except for a name, Elin, some numbers, and a restless urge to search for something. Since then, I’ve travelled the world looking for a place where I can finally rest. BiFrost, Manitoba is where I find home. Or maybe it is just my sexy, married neighbours, Arran and Hurrit, that make me feel that way. They own a charter service for hunters and fishermen, for people who want to explore. And boy do I ever want to explore. As we draw closer, secrets need to be shared. Ones that can either make us or break us. The problem is… I don’t even know my own. But when all is revealed and the dust settles, will the relationship we forge be one of the casualties?

Grab Valkyrie Retsored now!

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