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New series preorder alert!

My big secret is here. After so much time and planning I can finally talk about this. This secret project has been in the works for… what feels like forever (no seriously, pre-pandemic beginnings). And now, you’re in on it.

I’ve teamed up with my friends Allyson Lindt, Sotia Lazu, and TB Mann to bring you a multi-author #whychoose world of magic, gods, dragons, shifters, immortals, and the feisty women they love.

The Legacy World was first created by Allyson as an alternate earth where gods and immortals hide amongst a world they have since faded into myths and legends. Valkyries Rising is the continuation of the multi-mythology inspired story of Kirby, a cursed Valkyrie, and the people who love her. This new brand new series introduces the Valkyries recruited to prevent the fated events of Ragnarök. But first, they must awaken to their potential, and their hearts.

I will be publishing three books in the Valkyrie Rising series, with the potential of more stories to come in the Legacy World. My books, Valkyrie Lost, Valkyrie Renewed and Valkyrie Freed, is a slow-build, reverse harem trilogy within the series that follows a young völva named Astrid from the Viking age (fantasy romance) into the modern age (paranormal romance), and her trials as a sorceress and valkyrie, as well as her navigation around a yearning heart for three different individuals her soul craves.

These books will have:

✅ Sexy, protective, and sweet heroes

✅ Kind and fiery heroine

✅ Friendship, family, and love

✅ Magic

✅ Dragons (you didn’t think I’d actually leave them out, did you?)

✅ Loss, heartache, and redemption

✅ HOT 🥵 Scenes

✅ And so more!

Valkyire Lost will release January 17, 2023 and Valkyrie Renewed will release April 18, 2023. Valkyrie Freed will come at a later date (no preorder at this time).

Valkyrie Lost

As the god of war and bringer of order and justice I can have anything. Except one mortal woman.

I came to Astrid’s prayer for justice. Why, I didn’t know. I should have left after that, but I didn’t. Something about the mortal woman lured me like no other had. It was wrong, I knew that. I should have allowed her to live out her short years as they were intended.

Yet, not even I am a match for a yearning heart.

From shared drinking horns to unforgettable nights, I am determined to bring her the honor she deserves, just as she has sworn to shield me from the horrors of the world. But when trouble amongst the gods stirs, Astrid may just pay the price for my transgressions.

And the price for spilling the blood of my valkyrie, is one too steep for any god.

Valkyrie Lost is book 1 of a trilogy within the Valkyries Rising series. While an MF fantasy romance, it is only the beginning of a slow-build, reverse harem story, told through paranormal romances Valkyrie Renewed and Valkyrie Freed. Valkyrie Lost takes place before any events in the Legacy world (Valkyrie’s Legacy, Neon, Valkyries Rising).

Preorder Valkyrie Lost

Valkyrie Renewed

The world needs saving, and my magic can help. Too bad I have no memory of this power.

I have everything I could want: a loving father, my just best friend Diego, and our family mountain retreat where lost souls come to find themselves. And yet, I find myself feeling like there’s something missing.

When a scarred, weary warrior with a missing hand, looks that could kill and melt my insides, and an air of familiarity rolls up, I begin to wonder if it’s not him who is lost, but me.

Fighting the way Diego’s smiles sends my heart skittering, and ignoring Tyr’s crazy talk of gods and a past history with him thousands of years ago, becomes the least problematic parts of my life when nightmares of menacing black wolves return to haunt my dreams, and magic begins to fly from my fingertips.

When the truth becomes too much for me to ignore, am I up to the task of healing a broken world, or will the wolves again go for the throat?

Valkyrie Renewed is book 2 of a slow-build, reverse harem trilogy within the Valkyries Rising series consisting of Valkyrie Lost, Valkyrie Renewed, and Valkyrie Freed.

Valkyries Rising is a #WhyChoose series where the heroine doesn’t have to pick just one mate. In these pages you'll find strong heroines who don’t back down, and the shifters, gods, dragons, and other immortals who love them and fight by their sides.

Preorder Valkyrie Renewed

The other titles by my series mates, Valkyrie Destined (Allyson), Valkyrie Restored (TB), Valkyrie Confused (Sotia), and Valkyrie Condemned (Allyson), are also available to preorder!

Also preorder the other titles of Valkyries Rising!

Valkyrie Destined, releases April 4, 2023:

Valkyrie Restored, releases May 2, 2023:

Valkyrie Confused, releases May 16, 2023:

Valkyrie Condemned, releases May 30, 2023:

But wait, there’s a little more 😉

To add to this little secret project, I maaay be offering something new, in the form of special edition and limited edition hardcopies. And possibly audiobooks. Keep your eyes out for more on that opportunity.

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