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Oracle's Path Update

I've been fairly focused on the Valkyrie Lost Kickstarter and Valkyries Rising releases these last few months, but that isn't all I've been working on. Mid-last year I announced Oracle's Path would be getting a major revision. This revision would come in the form of me converting it from 3rd person (she/he/they/them) to 1st person (I/me/we/us). I had many reasons to do this, and while this type of process can take a while, I am not regretting this decision.

This change has drastically altered the feel of the book (I think so at least), but in the best way possible. As I suspected, with my ultimate decision to make this change, my ability to write in this perspective is really shining through, and I'm portraying characters better. There's more depth to them, as it's not a straight pronoun conversion I'm doing. I'm taking the time to read through the scenes and improve them where it benefits the extra attention. There have even been scenes I've completely revamped into something new because of a change in character POV, or expanded from the original to give new unseen situations.

I've also been able to dive deeper into somethings I wasn't able to fit properly in the previous version. I'm not entirely sure why these pieces work better in this time around, maybe it's because my skill has evolved since then, or maybe it's just the simple fact that I'm better with 1st person. Who knows, but all that matters is, I love the results I'm getting from this revision, and I know you will to.

So, after all that rambling, you may be wondering, what's the progress look like? Well, that comes in 2 parts: the writing and the publishing.

Let's start with the writing:

Prophecy Tested: is complete and edited. This one was the easiest to change because it was so short and was only in Aviana's POV. I plan to read through it at least one more time to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Prophecy Chosen: will be put up on the shelf for a while. I will be changing this at some point, but I want more time with it. When I released this prequel novella, I wasn't 100% happy with it. Many aspects I was, but there was more I could have done with this. So, I'm going to spend time figuring out how I want to revise this part of the story and will release it again at a later date.

Prophecy of Convergence: this one is my current project. It's definitely taking up most of my time I mentioned above and becoming a more beautiful book. I'm on chapter 22 of 29 at this point. Yes, you'll notice there a lot more chapters now. This isn't to say I've added that much brand new content, just that's how the POVs that used to be in a single chapter have been moved to their own to reduce any confusion.

Prophecy of Unbroken Oaths: On hold until I finish Convergence. But it will be a focus this year, I promise!

If you want early access to these updates, pop on over to Patreon and become a patron of mine, where I'm posting chapters of Prophecy of Convergence (16 chapters are already available) as well as chapters for other books I'm working on, bonus chapters/scenes, chapter readings done by me (I'm reading Destiny right now), and more!

Now for the publishing side:

Writing isn't all I've done. I've also been working on plans for the re-release and have been figuring out new covers. The revision covers won't be the same as the first version. As much as I love those covers, I wanted to make sure there wasn't any confusion about this re-release. Plus, I lost my typography designer as she's taken a step back from work to focus on being a mom. So, I've taken the time to find a new designer and go a different route. The illustrations will return in some way, so don't worry if you love those.

I had been hoping to have this revamped version out by early summer, however my designer wasn't able to get me in until late summer (most designers I checked were booked out even later). But that's okay. I'd rather take the extra time making this look pretty inside and out.

I'm still deciding on the final design style of these covers. I might ask for opinions on my options through my Facebook group, newsletter, and Patreon, so make sure you're a member of any of those to help me out.

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