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Reborn is here!

Today is the day! Reborn has released and is finally available to read! It’s one heck of a roller coaster ride, so prepare yourselves :D

For those who pre-ordered the ebook, as long as there wasn’t any hiccups with payment, you will have that available to download to your device.

For those who hadn’t pre-ordered, now is your chance to buy or download through Kindle Unlimited. Today is also the final day non-Amazon retailers will have the book available (Nook, Apple, Kobo), so if those are your preferred retailers, snag it now before it’s gone!

If you're interested in a spoilers thread when you're finished, feel free to join my Dragonlings in the Facebook group

One last link for you, if you're one of those awesome "I rather smell and feel the book" readers. You can order a signed copy of Reborn until the 15th of this month.

If you're a savings dragon and like to hoard your discounts, you can even grab the whole series for a discount when you grab all the books!

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