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Valkyrie Lost is on sale!


Valkyrie Lost is on sale for 99c until October 13!

If you’re a lover of:

✅ A large, protective, and stoic hero god with a gentle streak for her (except her clothing)

✅ A small, kind, and fiery heroine witch who is as likely to heal, as she is to slam an axe into the heart of those who threaten the ones she loves

✅ Magic

✅ Norse myth and history reinvented

✅ Forbidden, prophesized and destined love

✅ Slow burn romance with HOT 🥵 Scenes

And so much more, this is a book you’re not going to want to miss.

Grab your copy:

Valkyrie Lost is available on all major retailers, Kobo Plus, and libraries


As the god of war and bringer of order and justice I can have anything. Except one mortal woman.

I came to Astrid’s prayer for justice. Why, I didn’t know. I should have left after that, but I didn’t. Something about the mortal woman lured me like no other had. It was wrong, I knew that. I should have allowed her to live out her short years as they were intended.

Yet, not even I am a match for a yearning heart.

From shared drinking horns to unforgettable nights, I am determined to bring her the honor she deserves, just as she has sworn to shield me from the horrors of the world. But when trouble amongst the gods stirs, Astrid may just pay the price for my transgressions.

Tropes: soulmates/Destiny, forbidden love, huge hero/small heroine, slow-build reverse harem, prophecy, mythology reinvented

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