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Where did the month go?

How is April happening tomorrow? Honestly I don't know where this and even last month went.

I didn't do a blog post in February for that reason as well as another one: Mental Health. It kicked my ass and required me to focus on it over anything. Caused me to fall behind on my writing, but that's okay. It meant I was able to catch up on a bunch of movies I've been severely behind on (including a much needed in progress MCU marathon), and I was able to make a tiny (real tiny) dent in my TBR list. Audiobooks have helped a lot with this, since physically reading has always been a challenge for me. I can't say I have any personal recs from this session though... as a most of them were DNFs or books I'd never pick up again. Unfortunate, but I had some good reads the last time I found time, so they're bound to spring up again soon.

Since I'm behind both for February and late for March the promos and book highlights (not personal recs) I'd planned to bring you will be combined, so this book list is a little long. I don't have all the promos I'd planned to share, as many are now over, but I've still got enough for you to look into and keep you occupied. Take a look!

Spring Flinc Romantic Fantasy, March 14-April 12, Free, 99c, & KU ebooks

Urban Fantasy in Kindle Unlimted

Fantasy & Science Fiction Giveaway, ends April 15

Ghost Ranger by Dayne Edmonson

A Fiery Farewell by Paul Cude

Trapped in Orbit by Tabatha Stephenson

A Chance Beginning by Christopher Patterson

Call of Magic, A Limited Edition Collection of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romances

Legacy by Rachel Starkie

For the Love of Hades by Freida Kilmari

Wings of fire Stephanie Mirro

Blood Mercy by Vela Roth

Tin by Candace Robinson and Amber R. Duell

Happy reading!

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