The book edition you're looking for not in stock? No worries. This is where you can place yourself on a paid wait list for the next shipment, ensuring you won't miss the next time it's in stock.


Signing Disclaimer

All books come signed. A default message without personalization is used unless the "Name/Phrase" field is filled out. Please note: long custom phrases can not be accomodated due to issues with Shannon's hands. She will write a personalize message as long as it is short.


Wait Times

Average wait time: 1-5 weeks. Due to COVID-19 there may be some recieving delays.

Backstock orders come in at a first come, first serve basis, so if more orders come in for a particular book than what is on stock order, they will be fullfilled in the order received. This can increase the wait time delays.


International Orders

If a backstock item is ordered with a regular stocked item, the whole order will be held until the backstock can be fulfilled. If you do not want the rest of your order held, you will need to place a second order for the the backstock book.

Book Backstock