Valkyrie Freed

Killing immortals doesn’t take as much effort as one might think. Killing gods? That’s a whole other story. And when it comes to killing my mother… Don’t get me started.

I thought I knew everything about my life, until a Norse god of war showed up at my family’s retreat with literal centuries of baggage—some of it mine. Turns out I’m a woman with lifetimes of magic that I knew nothing about.

Now, I’m a Valkyrie. Did I mention, my father turned out to be immortal and my best friend is now my boyfriend? Oh, Diego’s a dragon, too. And said Norse god? Tyr’s my boyfriend too. All of that is plenty of crazy for any one person.

It doesn’t stop there for me—my mother has tried to kill me twice now, and is allied with my enemies. And Loki—the one god’s blood I crave to give me vengeance—might be the one who has the answers I need to give me peace.

On the rollercoaster that is my current life, I’m faced with one turn after another, and a couple of loopty-loops, of magic and possibility. Power that could bring more of my past back from the grave, and in doing so rekindle smoldering embers that were snuffed before they became more, hundreds of years ago.

The big question is—what will I have to sacrifice to see him again?

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Shannon Pemrick is a full-time slow-burn romantic fantasy author, fuller-time geek, and unrelenting dragon enthusiast. She owns too many novelty mugs, not enough chocolate, and maintains a forbidden love-affair with all things shiny. When she’s not burning her fingers across a keyboard handing out adventures and HEAs, she’s rolling dice and getting lost in RPGs or searching for brides for her dragon overlords.

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