Experimental Heart #1

Most people could never kill without regret.


I don't have that luxury. I'm an artificial creation who exists solely to follow the orders of a tyrannical maniac. Death is the only constant I know.


I want more, so I'm running.


What lies beyond the realm of my former master, presents a whole new set of problems, including a mistake that lands me at death's door. I accept that. Welcome it, really. For a relic of war, death is my inevitable release.


But fate is a fickle creature.


When a dragon saves me—a creature said to be long extinct—then offers me a chance at revenge, I don't know what to believe. Trust gets people killed, but something is different about this creature.


Will he give me the freedom I desire, or is my fate sealed when I agree to his terms?


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Experimental Heart #2

Most people know where they belong.


As an outcast, even among misfits, I'm not that lucky. It’s fine. I don’t need them. These walls I’ve built keep me safe.


Until they don’t anymore.


With the rebellion under way, I have enough on my hands gaining my freedom. So when a dragon cracks the shield I've built around me, it brings forth the darkness contained within and awakens sensations I thought long dead. I do the only thing I know how—fight back.


It don’t know if it’ll be enough this time.


The walls around me are crumbling, and I struggle to keep myself safe. Am I doomed to repeat the mistakes of my past?

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Experimental Heart #3

Fear is natural.


But not for me. I was designed not to feel emotion. It kept me controlled. It made me a monster. 


Until I got a taste of what I was missing. 


Tortured and plagued by my bloody past, I can’t let anyone in. They don’t want to see the monster lurking inside. The darkness that gnaws at my mind, threatening to consume me. 


But the past has a way of creeping in when you least expect.


When that happens, I find myself turning to the infuriating dragon I’ve sworn to keep at a distance. But as my secrets spill from the shadows, I don't know if I'm prepared to pay the price my confessions will demand.

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Experimental Heart #4

Emotions suck.


Before he came along, I never knew what it meant to belong. I walked the thin line between life and death. There was no middle-ground. This dragon taught me more than I imagined was possible. With him by my side, everything was right. 


And then it all fell apart. 


To keep him safe, I let go of the most important thing to me. It hurt—a lot. I can't dwell on what could have been, when our freedom is on the line. Going back to my old ways proves more difficult than I imagined. 


And fate… it has a way of getting what it wants.


I rebuild the walls inside, to keep me sane, only to have them crumble again. Each trial—each step closer to our freedom—my resolve waivers. And when I face the ultimate test, it's not just my future on the line.


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Experimental Heart #5

Everyone wants to be free.

I'm no exception. I dream of the day when I no longer answer to anyone else. But to achieve that dream, I have to kill another.

And we're running out of time.

Despite the support of countless new allies, things aren't going according to plan. We're waging a war with impossible odds. I'm falling for a dragon who's promised to someone else. And the voice I’m hearing? She’s more important than I first thought.

I'm losing track of what I'm fighting for.


With everything on the line, failure isn't an option. And if I make the wrong choice, it will doom us all.

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Experimental Heart #6

Freedom is everything.


I should know, I finally have it. After fighting for my deepest desires for so long, it feels more like a dream than reality. But when I start to get comfortable, I’m reminded of one last task that needs to be done.


Only, things don’t go according to plan.From the shadows, old and new enemies spring forth, bent on destroying what I worked so hard to create. It’ll take everything I have, and my unbreakable bond with my life mate, to keep everything from falling apart.


And destiny isn’t done with me yet.


The fate of the timeline is at stake, and at the end of all this, I may never be the same.

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