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Over the past year I have learned a lot more about writing. I've made many author friends, and read a number of new books and series. This has prompted me to rethink my own series, Experimental Heart, and I realized, for a PNR, this series wasn't feeling enough like one. So, after much deliberation, the entire series will be getting a revamp. The overall theme of the story will remain mainly intact, and the characters will stay the same, but the flow of events will be fixed up as well as important character interaction that was lacking. Since only book 1 is out, you won't notice the change for the later parts of the series but you will notice there will be quite the change in the first book, such as length and a few changed scenes.

This announcement of change may upset some of you, but I promise this is for the better and for those who have already purchased the book, don't worry. If you have the ebook copy, you can just get the update when it's available and if you purchased a physical copy, I'll be doing something special for you. Please stay tuned for further detail as I will be posting new scenes, covers, etc. as the rewrites progress.

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