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Revamp, Genre and Excerpt 3

It's been about 2 weeks since I posted anything. Sorry about that guys. I've had a few life changing events happen and keeping everyone up to date was put the side. But now I'm back and trying to keep things consistant. So, let us being.

Happy 4th of July! For those who aren't from the US and wondering what's so great about today, it's our independence celebration day. In celebration of today, and the theme of my books being similar, I thought I'd share an excerpt from a changed portion of Chapter 28, that may or may not remain the same. It's still in the works, like everything else about this book. I also have an announcement about the genre of the series, which is what I'll talk about first.

As many know before I made the revamp announcement the books planned had been Urban fantasy (UF) and when I announced the revamp I mentioned it was going to be made into a Paranormal Roamnce (PNR). My reasoning for this change had been because the story originally had been planned as one but had changed course and left that genre. I thought I had wanted it to go back to being a PNR, but while I've been trying to fix these books up, I've found this book really doesn't want to be one. The story's flow would seriously suffer if I changed it as many of the characters would have to change, including Eira. That's not something I want, and I like how the story has turned out. Another issue I had run into was that a lot of the changes I was making, was keeping it on the path of a UF instead of bringing it back to a PRN.

So, I've decided to keep the series as UF. UF pulls in a lot of sub genres (this includes romance) so I'm not really sacrificing much and it'll create one less problem in this revamp. This also means the revamp will be sped up, time wise, and everyone won't have to wait too much longer (I hope) to get the updated copy. There is still work to be done, but I'm sure the wait will be worth it.

Now for the excerpt:

Sighing, I lathered up my hair with my conditioner and allowed its sweet scent to flood into my nose. Once my hair was rinsed and clean, I turned off the water and dried off with a towel. Grabbing a small washcloth from the drawer under the sink, I wiped away the stream that had collected on the mirror and began washing off the makeup on my face.

My lip gloss had faded away during the day, and removing the cover-up and eye shadow required little effort, but the eyeliner and mascara were much harder. I dabbed and I pulled, but neither would come off onto the washcloth. I sighed with aggravation when I realized what was going on. I should have known Ryoko would use waterproof makeup when she could. I rummaged around the closet until I found the small bottle of makeup remover.

I stood in front of the sink and dabbed the remover onto the washcloth. When I looked up at my reflection I nearly jumped out of my skin. Standing behind me was a sultry woman around my height. She had tan skin, piercing golden eyes, and luscious red lips. Her red and black wavy hair grew past her shoulders and black wings grew from her back.

I spun around but found no one behind me. Cautiously I looked around and listened carefully. I even had a good sniff but found myself to be the only one in here. There wasn't a trace of that woman. Who was she and where had she come from? And where had she disappeared to?

Taking a deep breath I decided I had imagined her. I don't know why I had, as I was sure I'd never seen anyone like her, but that was the most logical explanation I had. Turning around, I went back to removing the remainder of the makeup on my face until I was sure my skin was clean. Content, I disposed of the cloth in a clothes basket and headed to my room.

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