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NaNoWriMo, Day 10

Today is Day 10 of NaNoWriMo! It's... Tuesday? Yesdertday was so craty I don't know which way is up anymore lol

My total for day 9 of NaNoWriMo was 3,032 words! Very good day for me and I really enjoyed what I wrote. I almost was able to write an entire chapter, but I ran out of time. Oh well. I'm sure you guys will love what I'm about to share ;)

All passages were in order from yesterday's post, so here's what I wrote:

Chapter 7


The door clicked when I locked it. I didn’t need anyone coming into my room and asking me questions if they caught me with my gaming helmet on, since it was known I would be heading off to Lumas today to meet up with the team. They had convinced me before I had left last night, that since I was new, they wanted to do extra meet ups until everyone was comfortable with the new lineup. This allowed us to have breaks from the game and still be able to talk face to face about things that need to get done or improved on.

I didn’t mind meeting up with them so often. Got me out of the house, and I was used to the long ride to Lumas, since I did it so often with my father over the years. But I wasn’t leaving for another hour and I had plans to meet up with someone.

I strapped my game helmet on and started up my private server. Once my mind had been transferred I looked around the white lobby. I really have to get around to customizing this. My looking stopped when a tall, athletically built man with black hair and facial hair and blue eyes approached.

“Nago!” I exclaimed.

“Hey, Rinneth,” he greeted warmly as he embraced me in a tight hug. “It’s so good to see you again.”

“I’m sorry I haven’t set up a time for us to catch up,” I said. “I’ve just been really busy.”

“Yes, I’ve heard.” He pointed to a couch. “Why don’t we sit down and talk about your new position on PvP team, Maiden Sacrifice.”

“How did you find out?” I asked as I sat down.

“I’ve been in game a lot,” he said. “Word travels fast when the player is female and gets a prior member kicked off the team.”

I laughed. “Well, in my defense, it wasn’t my intention to get him kicked off. He threw a childish fit when I beat him in a one-on-one match.”

“And then you up and decided to replace them when the team asked?”

“Well, no. When they asked, I didn’t believe them so I declined. Then they pestered me enough to at least attend the tournament they were holding, and since I won, I figured why not?”

Nago chuckled. “And how’d your family take it?”

“My father was less than ecstatic. And the clan is pretty much indifferent.” I sighed. “It’s these times I wish my mother was still around. She would be been so happy.”

Nago placed his hand on my shoulder. “Well, I’m happy for you.”

I smiled. “Thanks. So what’s new with you? Hallion still not listening to you?”

He shook his head. “My father is as stubborn as ever. I can’t get him to understand that demanding mating rites between the two of us is wrong on multiple levels, on top of trying to get him to understand you and me are just friends, and that’s what we want.”

I nodded. “I thought as much. My father’s reason for not being happy about my new job was because Hallion was still making demands. I just wanted to see if that’s was true.”

“I don’t think it’s going to change for some time, unfortunately. I really don’t like having to visit with you in private like this.”

“I don’t either. Hopefully we’ll figure something out. How’s your mate handling all of this?”

“She understands, but I hate having to keep her a secret. I know if my father found out, he’d try to hurt her, and I couldn’t live with myself I wasn’t strong enough to protect her from him.”

I placed my hand on his knee. “We’ll figure it out. Just like I’m working on a way for the two of us to be able to play Evenstar together again. Erin helped me discover a way to throw Ramos off, thanks to my new team, so I may be able to work something out for us.”

Nago grinned. “You’re too smart for your own good. Keep me posted about it.”

I nodded and stood up. “No worries there. I have to head out now to meet up with my team in Lumas, so I’ll chat with you later.”

He stood up as well and gave me a quick hug. “Don’t be a stranger.”

I nodded and then logged off the server to head out to Lumas.


“Rinneth, I told you I’m sorry,” Ramos repeated as I unlocked the door to the team game lounge.

“But you’re not really,” I retorted.

“It was an accident,” He insisted.

Vesser turned around from looking out the window. “What was an accident?” He looked at my shirt and noticed the large dark stain. “What happened?”

I pointed my thumb angrily at Ramos. “He hit a huge pothole and caused my coffee to spill.”

“Not on purpose!” Ramos continued to insist.

“You always hit them on purpose,” I countered. “Father is always getting on your case because you’re causing alignment issues with the vehicles.”

Ramos sighed with aggravation but gave up arguing.

I looked at Vesser. “Do you mind if I try to clean my shirt in the sink?

He shrugged. “Be my guest. The others won’t be here for a little longer, so it won’t get awkward until then.”

“Where are they?” I asked as I took off my shirt.

“Stuck in traffic somewhere.”

“Fair enough.”

When my shirt would clean any more, I wrung it out and threw it back on. I then went about looking through the cupboards to see what I could find, only to find it all empty. “Do you guys not have any supplies?”

“We normally just walk down to a shop if we need anything,” Vesser said.

I sighed. "Yeah, we're going to fix that. Like right now. Let's go."

"But we don't nee--"

I glared at him. "We're going to the store."

He quickly nodded. "Alright, lead the way."

That's what I thought. I held out my hand towards Ramos. "Give me the keys, I'm driving."

"Rinneth, I can--"

"Keys, now."

He sighed and tossed me the keys.

"You go girl," Rashta encouraged.

"Now let's go," I said as I headed for the door.

The two male Dragons followed me out of the building and to the car without fuss. Vesser took a little extra time hopping in, as he took the time to admire the vehicle, and I even got in a quick jest at him. He took it well, much better than Ramos would have, and climbed in.

"Rinneth, were are we going?" Vesser asked. "We've passed nearly a dozen small shops that would have gotten us plenty of supplies."

"Best to let her do her thing," Ramos advised. "You don't want to get into an argument with her."

"I'm not looking to argue," Vesser said. "I'm just looking for an explanation."

"We're going to a department store," I said as I took a left at a light. "You guys need some serious help in that room."

"Please don't go overboard," he begged. "We don't need a lot."

"Me, go overboard?" I laughed. "Of course not."

He sighed and remained quiet, knowing full well I wasn't going to go easy on this trip. I jumped out of the car when we arrived at the large, several stories department store and headed for the young blonde haired woman at the front greeting desk.

She gasped when she spotted me. "Miss Rinneth! How wonderful to see you."

"Hi, Lyla," I greeted. "I don't need a consultant today. Just picking up a few things."

She nodded and held out slim device with a red light on one of the flat ends. "Then I'll let you take a scanner and we'll collect what you need so you don't have to worry about carry it around."

"Rinneth," Vesser warned in a hushed voice. "This place is expensive. We don't need expensive things."

"Keep quiet, Vesser," I warned.

He sighed and Lyla giggled. "Miss Rinneth, have you finally--"

"No, Lyla, he's not my boyfriend."

She huffed. "How is it you can bring such lovely looking men into this store and none of them are involved with you?"

I chuckled. "They just aren't. I'll see you in a bit, Lyla, when I'm ready to check out."

"All right. And if any of those nice young men are looking for love I know quite the number of single young ladies looking for a good man."

I chuckled. "Okay, Lyla."

Vesser and Ramos followed me thought the store as I looked for plates, cups, and a hot drink maker.

"Rinneth, we don't need something like this," Vesser insisted as I looked at a high tech drink maker.

I hit his forehead with my palm. "Don't argue with me."

"But it's so expensive."


He looked about ready to pull his hair out. "And we don't need these things. You're going overboard for no reason."

"Well sorry for wanting to help." I turned my back and moved to another aisle to look at more units, though not far enough to not be able to hear the two Dragons.

"Was that reaction really needed?" Rashta asked.

"Stay out of it."


"What did I do?" Vesser complained.

"Did it ever occur to you that she isn't going this because it's necessary?" Ramos said.


Ramos sighed. "I'll rephrase. How do Humans show their appreciation for one another?"

"By doing this for them or buying them things, I guess."

"And how do Dragons show this same appreciation?"

Vesser sighed. "All right, I get it. Where'd she go?"

"Down that aisle."

I continued to look over a nice looking unit until Vesser took it from me. "Why do you insist on doing this?"

"Why not?"

He sighed. "I get it, Rinneth. You're thankful for something. Bu--"

"No, you don't get it, Vesser, and that's the problem. I'm causing you guys headaches when you don't need them."

"You're not a headache."

"I'm the worst geared PvP player in ranked. I'm preventing you guys from getting into five-on-five ranked matches because of my gear. You guys are a laughing stock right now because you're the only team crazy enough to allow a chick to be main player on the team. And to top it off I've pretty much screwed you out of any chance of getting a sponsorship from my father's company because it'd look back on him and this team. So why not give you guys things? Why can't I make up for that by buying things you guys can't? I can afford it. Money isn't an issue for me."

Vesser placed his hand on my head. "All right, I get it. But, just so you know, you're not a headache, you're not an inconvenience, and I don't give a damn what others think about us taking you on as an actually player. You're a skilled player. You make the team better. That's all there is to it."

I smiled. "Thanks."

He put the hot drink maker back on the shelf and walked past me. "Now, if we're going to go all out on a drink maker"--he picked up the newest model of hot drink makers--"then we might as well go all out."

My eyes lit up as I looked over what it could do. "Sold!"

I scanned the box and then moved on. "Now for mugs, because we can't have hot drinks without them."

Vesser chuckled as he followed me. When we arrived in the aisle with all the glassware, I picked up a plan tan cup.

"What about this one?" I asked. "It's plain so it won't really conflict with you guys."

"Or we could pick something with actual style."

I looked at Vesser questionably and found him holding a white porcelain mug with red stylized flower accents. "You'd actually be okay with that?"

"Yeah, of course," he said. I eyed him and he laughed. "My mother is an interior decorator. I kind of picked up a few things from her."

I chuckled. "Well, I'm not going to complain, that's for sure."

"Just don't let her and Vamir get into a conversation about style. It becomes a war."

My brow rose. "Huh?"

"They have very distinct tastes and they clash, a lot."

"Who has better taste?" I asked as I scanned the mugs to be picked up for us.

"Don't tell her, but Vamir does."

I sputtered a laugh and then headed down the aisle again. "Well, it's a good thing you're with me then. That way if she comes back over and asks about the style of dishware we have, she'll be less likely to say anything."

"No, she'll still say something. She's difficult like that."

I chuckled. "Let's get some dishware and utensils and get out fo this place. I'm sure the others are waiting for us by now."

He nodded and the two of us scanned a few more items before we tracked Ramos down in the electronic section gazing at some TVs.

"You just got a new one," I said as I grabbed him by the wrist. "Let's get going."

"But they have a new model out," he protested. "And it's better than the one I have."

"You don't need it. Let's go, we have places to be."

Vesser snickered as Ramos sighed with disappointment, but then was treated the same when he was distracted by the gaming section of the electronic department.

"Honestly, I feel like a mother with two toddlers," I muttered, resulting in the boys laughing.

Lyra smiled when we approached her desk. "Find everything?"

"And then some," I replied. "Luckily I was able to keep that out these two's hands."

She giggled and then held out her hand. "I'll take the scanner and make sure everything is being picked for you while we do the checkout process."

I handed the scanner back and waited as she did her computer prompts. I then handed her my credit card, only for Vesser to try to hand her one too.

"I'm splitting the cost with you," he said.

I grabbed his card and then tossed it. "Go fetch."

"Rinneth," he said with exasperation.

"I have it covered."

"Let me help pay for some of this."

"Go retrieve your card before someone runs off with it."

He sighed and walked away. I smiled smugly and continued to hand Lyra my card. She giggled and processed the transaction in full before Vesser could get back to protest more. She then handed me a receipt to sign and wrote something out on my copy, as she normally did when I came here to buy things.

I looked at the note just as an employee was carting out bagged items over to us.

When you're ready to admit he's your boyfriend, come see me.

I looked at her and she winked and I only shook my head. Ramos and Vesser grabbed the bags, not allowing me to carry anything and I said goodbye to Lyra before heading for the car.

The car ride back was quiet, aside for the occasional ping Vesser received on his messenger from Vamir, and no one spoke as we carried the bags to the lounge once I parked.

"Got enough supplies?" Rial teased as we entered.

"I think you went a littl--"

"Don't say it," Vesser warned Vamir. "She'll fight you too."

He chuckled. "You're such a softie. You forget I have three older sisters and a younger half sister."

"Trust me, don't fight her on it," he insisted.

Vamir held up his hands. "Whatever you say."

I unpacked the dishes and put them in the sink so I could wash them and then set up the hot drink machine.

Rial whistled. "Nice. You really know how to pick them, Rinneth."

"Can't take all the credit," I admitted. "Vesser spotted it first."

"Well then, nice job the both of you. I'll be happy to make a nice cup of coffee in that."

"That's the one that makes the different designs in the lattes yeah?" Vamir asked.

"Yep," I replied. "I'm pretty sure this thing even has a hidden brewery in it.

He chuckled. "Guess we don't need to go anywhere anymore unless we run out of supplies."

"Rinneth, you can clean those later," Vesser told me as I began washing the new plates. "We should get going with your next gear set."

"We can't, lad," Thuldren said. "Game is bein' updated."

I turned to look at him. "Isn't maintenance day not for a few more days?"

He nodded. "Aye, but apparently a hacker got in and messed with some important code."

I nodded. "I can see why the game is down. I'll continue with my washing then."

"So what should we going to do in the meantime?" Vesser asked.

"I'd like that Rinneth something," Rial said.

"What's up?" I replied.

"When we started digging for information about you after the convention, we found you were connected to an old player with high PvP stats. Is that where you learned your PvP skills?"

I did not like where this was going. I chose to try to get rid of the conversation quickly. "Yep."

"Who was it?"

"Doesn't matter."

"C'mon, Rinneth. You're a PvEer who still manages to beat out geared PvPers with PvE gear. Whoever this was, had to be someone important. Or in the very least, extremely skilled."

"Yeah, she was."

"She?" Vamir questioned.

I chewed on my lip. "Her name was Saria Malga."

"Was?" Vesser said.

"She died…"

"Oh… that explains the inactivity for the last decade," Rial said.

I continued to wash the dishes, hoping this conversation would be dropped.

"Wait, I know what name from somewhere," Vamir said. "Why do I know that?"

"How could you not know?" Vesser said. "She was the team captain of the PvP team Angelic Death. They were an all female team jumping up the ranks like it was no one's business."

"I remember them," Rial said. "Come to think of it, they just up and disappeared one day."

I stopped washing the dishes, memories threatening to resurface.

"Rinneth, what is it?" Vesser asked.

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