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NaNoWriMo, Day 12

Today is Day 12 of NaNoWriMo! My total for day 11 of NaNoWriMo was 960 words. I decided to take some "me" time and play some world of warcraft and work on the print files for Destiny since those still need some finalization before going to the printer. It was nice having the time to do something else. I did want to keep writing today, but I knew it was for the best. We'll see what happenes tomorrow.

All passages were in order from yesterday's post, so here's what I wrote:

I promise, I paid more attention to how you played than you originally thought. I’ll make you proud.

Liana laughed. “Oh you poor thing. And here I thought you were trying to buy a win through the devs. Looks like they hate you more than I do.”

The arena timer began to count down for the match start, and I pulled my hands into a prayer pose. “Don’t be so sure about that.”

Liana drew her axes and prepared to use her opening move. The moment the match started she charged with inhuman speed while I began to chant. Liana made it to me within seconds, but I was ready and rolled away from her attack, my chanting unbroken. She swung at me with behemoth rage, her attacks becoming stronger and more wild as her rage resource built with every miss she made.

“Bitch, just die!” she roared.

My only response was my hands switching to a different prayer sign. My chant continued.

Liana swung at me and continued to miss, until she threw in a body slam and made contact. I crashed to the ground, but jumped to my feet, all without letting my chant end.

“She’s still chanting,” Rial said in the party chat. “How is she still chanting?”

“Because she learned from the best sage player in the game,” Ramos said.

“That’s right,” Vamir said. “Saria was the only known player to be capable of playing a sage offensively.”

Liana continued her rage induced assault, each swing becoming faster and more powerful. I struggled to stay on the defensive and keep my chanting up, the true difficulty of this class. The sage resource was prayer power. This required the user to actively chant for abilities to be used, the more powerful abilities requiring longer, more intricate chants, and if a player’s chant was broken, the building power disappeared and they had to start again. Luckily, if you were skilled enough, you could mix multiple chants together, building more power and creating a lineup of abilities that were stored until later use.

I forced myself to continue my chant when Liana’s axe made its mark on my side. The pain made it difficult, but remembering what my mother taught me, help me push through. The crowd cheered when I heard my chant continue. It seemed I had a lot more supporters than I thought, as strange of a thought as that was.

“Chant all you want,” Liana said. “I’m still going to cut you up into pieces and take what is rightfully mine!”

Her axe sliced through the air and plunged into the ground when I rolled away. Without ending my chant, I used the building praying power to move the soil around the blade to prevent her from pulling it back out. Liana roared with anger and used both hands to control her remaining axe.

“What did she just do?” Erin asked.

“I forgot to mention, Rinneth learned how to be a multi-classer from Saria,” Ramos said.

“Do you mean—"

“Everyone assumed the sage class Saria used was a pure build. It wasn’t.”

I used more prayer power and changed the air moisture until a fog began to roll through the arena. Liana stopped her assault to look around with confusion, allowing me to put space between us. I continued to chancel the fog spell until it was so thick, no one could see very far.

“What are you doing Rinneth?” Liana asked. “Do you think hiding will do you any good?”

I continued to chant as I moved around the arena, slamming my many weapons into the ground, their chains rattling from the force. Each time, they'd give away my position and Liana would try to find me, but all it did was bring her closer to the position I needed her in.

I decreased the thickness of the fog when I stuck my last weapon into the ground and moved to the focal point of my next move. "Galma."

Liana came charging for me but a metal chain shot out of the fog and wrapped around her wrists.


Another chain shot out of the fog and wrapped around her other wrist, making it more difficult for her to struggle.


Several chains shot out from the fog and wrapped around her, until she was completely immobilized. The fog fully dispersed then, revealing the chains to be connected to the weapons I had stuck into the ground, as well as her own axe.

I touched my bleeding side and smudge the blood under my eyes and down my lips. "Lito."

Lightning began to spark around the arena and the sky darkened. Liana struggled and looked around frantically, her eyes wide with fear.

"Behold the power of the warrior sage," Ramos said.


The sky crackled with thunder and lightning struck the ground in the arena. A part of the sky opened up above Liana as lightning danced around the weapons in the ground and down their chains.

“Do—Ro—Ga!” I yelled, finishing my ultimate chant.

Large bolts of lightning shot out of the sky towards Liana. A stream of light beamed out of the opening above her, and the lightning dancing through the arena conducted on the metal weapons and chains and surged towards her.

Liana screamed in pain, and then, she was no more, the shocked crowd quiet as I stood alone in the arena. Just like you taught me mother.

"She's be very proud of you," Rashta said.

"I know."

The arena suddenly burst into an ear deafening cheer. My hands still in a prayer pose, I looked around at the crowd, unsure how I should handle so much praise from a community that shunned me.

Next day's installment

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