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NaNoWriMo, Day 17

Today is Day 17 of NaNoWriMo! My total for day 16 of NaNoWriMo was 1,680 words. Just above the min count. Got really distracted, which is a shame beacuse I was really getting into this scene. Oh well! I'll continue today ;).

All passages were in order from yesterday's post, so here's what I wrote:

I didn’t remember the room having double doors, when I had been sitting at her window, but her father had mentioned renovations, so maybe they had installed them recently.

Rinneth opened both doors and I couldn’t stop my mouth from falling open at the sight of the spacious bedroom, if you could call it that. To the right was a large kitchen fully stocked with a bar and island next to that was her king size bed with canopy and nightstand. Based on the gap between the bed and kitchen I guessed there was a bathroom, and guessed even further it was a master bath, based on the extravagant nature of this house and Dragons in general.

To our left, was a large living room area with a split level entertainment section, and in front of us stood large glass doors that lead out to a balcony. This definitely isn’t the same room.

“Is this a bedroom, or an apartment?” Rial asked as Rinneth excitedly ran around the room checking things out.

“It’s a bedroom of course!” Rinneth said. She then paused and thought for a moment. “Well, I guess to you guys it’d be like an apartment.”

Vamir wandered into the kitchen. “This looks fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like this.”

“That’s because it won’t be out on the market for three more months,” Ramos said.

“This be a Fallon Industry product or it belong to someone else?” Thuldren asked.

Rinneth laughed. “We made it. Fully computer integrations. Watch this. Hey, Ralia.”

Lights began to flicker in the kitchen and low zipping noise echoed in the room. “Hello, Rinenth. How can I help you?”

“Please give me a stock update,” Rinneth said.

“In the fridge you have four pounds of chicken, six pounds of beef, two gallons of milk, one quart of orange juice, seven apples, a head of lettuce, two tomatoes, a bushel of carrots, a pound of sliced cheese, a pound of sliced ham, and two individual sized containers of yogurt. In the freezer you have seven premade meals, a box of frozen waffles, a bag of sausage, and three tubs of ice cream. Your cupboards I am having a hard time calculating stock as the product has been place haphazardly inside from your move. I apologize is this is an inconvenience.”

“Thank you, Ralia,” Rinneth said. “Please organize the cupboards by food type, my personal favorites, and then expiration date.”

“Of course, Rinneth. Anything else I can assist you with?”

“Please create a list of food recipes for me to make dinner later.”

“Certainly. Main ingredient preference?”

“Chicken and rice. Please base recipe selection on ingredients I have currently stocked and list the recipe list in order of length of time required to make the dish.”

“It would be my pleasure. Anything else I can do for you.”

“Not at the moment, Ralia, thank you.”

“Amazing!” I couldn’t help but say.

Rinneth smiled wide. “Isn’t it? This was my project.”

“You did this project?” Vamir asked with surprise. I was too. I knew she’d have a hand in Fallon industries, but I didn’t think she’d be that far involved.

“Yep!” Rinneth beamed. “My mother and I actually came up with the idea. We worked really hard drafting up ideas on how it would work, how much it’d be able to do, and how personalized each kitchen could become.”

“How personalized can it get?” Rial asked.

“Each kitchen is voice activated, but only to authorized users. They have smart technology built into them so they can learn habits of their owners and can make educated suggestions based on that learning. You can even name your kitchen and they’ll tell you how they like it.”

I couldn’t help but stare at her with admiration. “I can’t believe you came up with that. We don’t even have self-driving cars and here you are creating a self-driving kitchen--so to speak."

Rinneth winked. "No self driving cars on the market, at least."

Rial threw his hand up in the air. "You have got to stop holding out on us."

Rinneth laughed and opened her balcony door. "I'm not allowed to say much."

"Gag orders?" Vamir guessed.

Rinneth nodded. "Yeah, comes with the territory. What I can tell you, is if this kitchen tech hits off, we'll be expanding to entire houses."

Thuldren raised his hand. "If ye can make everything dwarf sized, sign me up."

The room echoed with laugher but abruptly stopped when two Black Dragons crashed into the ground just outside Rinneth's balcony. Rinneth ran out to the balcony and for a moment I thought she was going to flip over the railing when half her body flung over it.

"That is enough, both of you," she growled at them in draconic. "I will not tolerate you damaging the house again."

"Shut your mouth, whelp, and stay out of this," one shot at her.

"Boya, do not challenge her authority," the other one warned.

That one seemed to be the smarter of the two. Even though I wasn't part of a Dragon clan, I knew how the hierarchies worked. Rinneth may be young, but her position as clan leader's offspring gave her the authority to bark out orders. Her bossy nature now makes sense actually. I hadn't minded how pushy she had been when she insisted on buying things for our lounge. But she came was such a nice female, I hadn't expected that side of her.

Actually, I rather enjoyed seeing her go for what she wanted as if it was the only thing that mattered. It made her more attractive. By the gods, I'm weird.

"I will not be given orders by some whelp," the first dragon said.

Rinneth's eyes flashed with anger and I was sure I could hear the smarter Dragon backing away as he spoke. "You will be sorry, Boya."

Rinneth lifted her hand and electrical sparks sparked from her fingertips and palm. So she did inherit that element from her father. I was curious what else she had inherited from her Dragon blood.

"You will listen to my orders," Rinneth growled. "Or I will make you."

Boya grunted dismissively and Rinneth let loose a bolt of lightning. Everyone covered their ears when Boya roared in pain. When the lightning disappeared from Rinneth's hands she shocked us by jumping over the railing. I sprinted outside only to find her completely okay and stalking over to the Black Dragon who was staking the electrical attack off.

Ramos chuckled and sat down on the railing. "She may be half human, but she's also Dragon. It's take a larger, less deliberate fall to hurt her."

"Should be stop this?" Rial asked hesitantly. "This really doesn't look good."

"No," Ramos said. "The whelp needs to learn a lesson. He knows better than to roughhouse so close to the house. He's the reason we had to fix this half of the house. And why Rinneth only has one bird out of her original twelve left, and Sylvia nearly lost her unhatched brood. She gave him a thrashing then, but it looks like he needs a reminder."

"How old is Boya?" I asked.

"Only a century."

I grunted. "No wonder he has an attitude."

"Marka and Avra are lucky that he's the only one of their brood of four that turned out this way. I'm pretty sure Marka is about to bury his boy out back if he doesn't smarten up."

I chuckled. "I'm sure Rinneth would grab and extra shovel."

"Yes. It doesn't help that Boya refuses to understand the hierarchy and still has yet to grasp the concept of how females are to be treated."

"Isn't that an instinct your kind has?" Vamir asked.

"Normally, yes," I replied. "But there are some that need to be taught it." I glanced at Ramos. "What happens if this goes too far and he retaliates on her?"

"Then she'll get mad and stop taking it easy on him," Ramos said.

My brow rose. "You're not going to step in?"

Ramos snorted. "I know better. We all do. When Rinneth gets mad, she gets tunnel vision and if we try to stop her punishment, she'll see us as taking his side and turn her punishment on us as well." He rubbed his shoulder. "You really don't want to get struck by those lightning attacks. They hurt."

"Not having a strong defense against that element thanks to my diminished black color blood, I'll take your word for it."

"I would think a Dragon would have no problem holding their own against an elemental attack from a Human, even a Hybrid human," Rial said.

Ramos nodded. "Normally you'd be correct, but because Rinneth has access to Rashta's power as well, that makes her dangerously strong."

"Rashta?" Rial said. "What are you guys talking about?"

"Lad, you may want to sit down," Thuldren advised. "Dragon-Phoenix ain't just some fancy titles the lass has been givin'. She's got a god livin' in her."

Rial's eyes went wide. "Say what?"

"Long ago a Human-Dragon hybrid was born and war broke out over her right to exist," Vamir shared. "Not wishing for any more blood to be spilled on her account, the woman sacrificed herself to end the war, but Rashta, the goddess of judgment, refused to allow her to die. She deemed this hybrid worthy of life and fused her own essence into the woman. Since then, the two have been locked into an eternal cycle of rebirth." He looked at Ramos. "Which life is she on now?"

"I believe this is her eleventh," Ramos said. "You'd have to check with Rinneth to be sure."

Rial leaned over the balcony when Rinneth's form distorted briefly. "What was that?"

"Probably Rashta," Ramos said calmly. "She tends to take a corporeal form when Rinneth get's worked up."

"Does she appear any other time?" I asked.

Ramos nodded. "Since Rinneth is so many lives in, she's able to pull Rashta out at will. Not very well yet, but Rashta says it's only a matter of time."

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