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Pieces up for Pre-order!

Hello everyone! I hope you've all be reading some fascinating books this month. And hopefully you'll have room on your plate for one more because I have some very exciting news. Cover reveal for Book two in the Experimental Heart series, Pieces!

And a cover reveal wouldn't be complete without showing you all the full illustration to be used on the hardcover books!

Wonderful, isn't it? Now you're more than likely wondering, "Shannon, when is this going to be available?" and I can answer. It's up for pre-order right now! That's right, this series is moving forward and Eira's story is progressing. There are two ways of getting in on this pre-order.

If you prefer eBooks, you can get it for a limited pre-order price of $0.99 at the following retailers:

For those who prefer to smell the pages of their books while reading, you can pre-order physical copies directly from me. What does this mean? By buying it directly from me, these books will come signed! What's not great about that?

Follow this link to get on the list:

If you're hoping to get your hands on a signed copy of Destiny, you can also use that form to buy one! Pre-orders will be up until May 14th (physical copies are cut off on April 30th to ensure printing and shipping times won't go far over the pre-order release date). After official release, Pieces will be available in eBook and print on the same retailer sites as Destiny.

At the end of the month, the ebook version of Destiny will also be on sale for $0.99! It may not matter to all of you who have subscribed, since you more than likely have it already, but share the word. Tell your friends and family about this series you love!

Love to read and review books? Want to read my books before they're out? Why not consider signing up to obtain ARCs?

Follow this link to learn more on how:

That all I have to update for now. Happy reading everyone!

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