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Cover reveal -- Preorder Exposed!

The title says it all. Exposed, book 4 in the Experimental Heart series, is up for preorder! But before we get to that... cover reveal guys! I've worked hard on this cover with my illustrator, even asking all of you to vote on it during the sketching phase. It's so beautiful, I struggled to hold off showing you until now! Take a look at the ebook cover below!

I'll let you gaze at the glory for a moment longer. Once you're done, you can preorder the ebook! For a limited time, it's only $0.99. This price will only last for the preorder week and day of release. The day after release, it'll go up to it's $3.99 price.

Not only do I have that for all of you, I have the full image that will be seen on the hardcover edition!

This is why I was so excited. I am in love with this cover. What do you guys think? For those of you who love a physical book in your hands, you can preorder signed paperback and hardbacks! You can also order other signed copies of my other books as well (even if you don't want to order book 4). I will be taking orders until October 30 and all orders must be paid by October 31. Most of these books will have to be ordered in from the printer, as I've got very few left from last year's ordering (I order in bulk only once or twice a year). This means, a majority of these orders won't be shipped out until later in November, just in time for the Holidays (I hope)! If you're okay with this, click the link below.

If you don't want to preorder signed, that's fine. The paperback and hardback will be available for regular purchase through retailers later at the end of the month.

And that's it! All I have to share with you. I'll be back to announce the release next week!

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