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Fate's Illusion - Limited Sale

I'm always careful of what books I recommend on my blog. I like to ensure they're books I've read myself so you know what you're getting. And because I'm such a slow reader, I don't make recommendations often. Today I've got one, and it comes with something special.

I'm recommending Fate's Illusion, book one in the Truth's Harm trilogy by Allyson Lindt. I've recommended her books in the past, and I had the pleasure of beta reading this book in its infant stages last year, as well as the other books in the series. I love them all so much. And, Allyson let me know she's having a sale this week for this exact book, so I wanted to be sure to pass that along to you all, since the sale end on the 7th. And! And! Allyson and I have been working on something together that I can't share yet, only tease. We've got something awesome planned in 2020 that I can't wait to start diving into. So, while you're waiting for that, check out Fate's Illusion :)

Lexi hates the gods.

Their arrogance. Their disregard for life. Their oppressive rule. Her father, Hades, is no exception. But since his brothers imprisoned him in a labyrinth, he and Lexi share a common goal—destroying the other gods. To free him, she must enlist the help of a loyal and gorgeous hellhound, and an obnoxious but sexy hero. No one warned her about the trials that await. The void that threatens to consume her. The rampaging champion who can kill her with a single blow. And the ex who’s looking for vengeance of the fatal variety. And they definitely left out the details about fated love. Twice over. Now Lexi must decide what she’s willing to surrender to defeat opponents who will sacrifice humanity before they’ll forfeit their power.

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