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Prophecy of Convergence Release

It's here! Prophecy of Convergence is live!

And for 2 days only it's available in KU. So get it before it leaves 8/17

And even though it's available, here's a teaser, because why not?


The talk of travel had engaged Temperance for a time. She jabbered on and on about the places she wanted to see, including specific places on the other continents.

“Temperance, can we know what you’re painting now?” Aviana asked. Her sister insisted on keeping this one a secret.

Temperance pursed her lips and dragged her paintbrush across the parchment surface. “In a second. I gotta get this detail right.”

Aviana waited several moments before Temperance smiled widely and flipped her canvas around. “Tah-dah! It’s you and Xalanath.”

A knot formed in her stomach. The painting wasn’t as detailed as the one Temperance had done of Orsik, but it showed her and Xalanath leaning against each other as they sat on the sands of a beach, holding hands.

“Temperance,” she hissed. “Why would you paint that?”

Her younger sister blinked, confused. “Why, don’t you like it? I thought it was really cute.”

Orsik leaned over to take a look. “Who that be, lass? Yer lover?”



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