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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Pt2

Day 2 of Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

Not only am I selling ebooks on sale (see yesterday's post) I'm selling signed print editions I've got on hand at a discounted price!

Take a look at these prices and contact me to grab your copy.

Experimental Heart Series:

Destiny, Pieces, Secrets, Reborn: $19 Paperback, $33 Hardback

Exposed, Surrendered: $24 Paperback, $38 Hardback

Oracle's Path Series:

Prophecy of Convergence: $14 Paperback, $28 Hardback

Prophecy Tested: $8 Paperback, $19 Hardback

Prophecy Chosen: $9 Paperback, $21 Hardback

Looking For Group Series:

Spellbinding His Ranger, Protecting His Priestess, Summoning Their Elementalist: $14 Paperback, $28 Hardback

Sale ends Nov 30, while supplies last.

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