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Yolo with KOBO


Are you ready for it?

Over 450 participating authors with over 600 romance books that are waiting for you on Kobo Plus!!!

Search for your next Kobo Plus read broken down by category ➜ ➜ 

Do you love a deal? So do I! Kobo Plus is a subscription program that offers you unlimited reading and/or listening for one low monthly price! Bonus: The first month is F-R-E-E

Sign up to Kobo Plus here ➜ ➜

What is Kobo Plus?

What if I told you there is another subscription service similar to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited that has THOUSANDS of books in both ebook and audio format and is available to customers in the US, AU, CA, UK, IT, NZ, BE, and NL? 

That subscription service is through Kobo, and your first month is FREE! 

Have you seen a post on social media? An ad on Facebook referencing a book you really want to read, only to find out it isn’t in KU? Well, it could be on Kobo Plus – and the borrowing format is the same as Kindle Unlimited.

What is Kobo?

An app you can download to your phone or tablet, like you’ve downloaded the Kindle App to your phone or tablet. They also have a branded e-reader like the Kindle. You must have the app or the e-reader to get your free month of Kobo Plus – and to continue with the program, if you so choose. 

Search for your next Kobo Plus read broken down by category ➜ ➜ 

Sign up to Kobo Plus here ➜ ➜

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